Giant Lottos Syndicate Scoops $50,000 USA Powerball Prize!

This Halloween there were no tricks for lottery players - but instead there was one massive treat for a syndicate - in the form of a massive USA Powerball win!

That's right - while the Halloween parties were in full swing on Saturday night, a huge lotto celebration was taking place at the same time, after one lucky syndicate scooped an amazing $50,000 with the 31 October USA Powerball draw!

Beating the winning odds with the USA Powerball!

With a jackpot of $127 million at stake, all eyes were on the US Powerball when it was drawn on Saturday night - and when the numbers 9, 20, 25, 47, 68, and a Powerball of 7 came up, everyone made sure to check their tickets to see if they were a winner. Some kept their tickets to redeem their prize, some threw theirs away, but when the syndicate realised they had managed to match an amazing four numbers plus the Powerball, they held onto their winning ticket tightly - and then the celebrations began!

Matching four main numbers and one Powerball is no mean feat - in fact the odds of hitting on that particular combination are an amazing 1 in 913,129.18. But those long odds are no match for players - and in particular the winning syndicate, whose combination of 9, 17, 20, 47, 68, and the Powerball of 7 was enough to make off with a fantastic $50,000 win!

Lottery syndicates - more people to play with, more winnings to play for!

While reports of the individual syndicate players' reactions to their big win are still coming in, what we can tell you about this lucky group is that this is no ordinary syndicate - instead it's one made up of 98 players from 16 countries around the world. Hailing from Australia, the UK, Poland, Russia, Namibia and South Africa, the players put their lotto skills to the test and emerged victorious - going to prove how popular, and how lucrative syndicate play is becoming!

USA Powerball syndicate winners

While the lotto winnings will be split according to each player's particular investment in the syndicate, the largest individual payment will be going to a player from Australia, in the amount of $7,000 - a payout worth celebrating, and one just in time for the holiday season too!

Put your own winning syndicate together at today!

Just think - one more lottery number matched, and the lucky syndicate could have walked off with the entire $127 million jackpot! If that's a winning outcome you're looking to replicate, why not start playing the lotto syndicate at today? Not only is it a fun way of playing, it's a proven way of spreading the cost and the risk, while increasing your winning odds at the same time. What's more, with one in every four lotto jackpots being won by a lottery syndicate, it's one of the most rewarding ways to play as well!

So make your play for lottery winning greatness today! Get your own lotto syndicate together, get your tickets in time for the upcoming draws, and you too could soon be making off with a fantastic win, just like the syndicate! A huge congratulations to our lucky players, and good luck to you in winning even more with your very next lottery ticket purchase! With both the USA Powerball and MegaMillions jackpots over $140 Million this week, why not join one of the syndicates for these 2 massive draws?

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