How do you go about choosing the lucky numbers you play in the lottery? Do you go for birthdays of family or friends? Do you use important dates like anniversaries or important sequences like phone numbers? Do you use the jersey numbers of your favourite sports stars or the license plate of your first car? Or do you go completely random, picking any number you feel like without any discernible strategy in mind?

We all have our own personal way of playing the lottery - a way of choosing the numbers that we connect with the most. And for some of us, that means choosing lottery numbers based on our star sign.

Today's horoscope - tomorrow's lottery fortune

It might be a novel idea to you, but in fact the idea of using a horoscope to determine lucky numbers is one that has been around for years. Astrologers even go so far as to promote an idea known as "the Luck Cycle" - a time at which one's luck could be said to be at its peak. Choose your lucky numbers or play the lottery when your star sign is in its Luck Cycle, and you could be the star of the show with a million-dollar lottery win to your name!

Non-believers might scoff at such an idea - but if you know of any sceptics, point them in the direction of Carly Wigget and Becky Witt from Kent, who won £336,277.60 in the EuroMillions lottery thanks to a little help from their horoscope. While reading her horoscope one day, Carly came across a piece of advice urging her to team up with a friend for a successful venture. She enlisted the help of her friend Becky, who had just found out from her own horoscope that playing the lottery could be a wise move.

Encouraged by the clear signs, the pair bought a EuroMillions lottery ticket - only to discover after the draw that they had snagged a fantastic £336,277.60 for themselves. Going to show that using astrology as a lottery guide might not be such a bad idea after all!

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Linking your star sign to your lottery picks

So how do you know which numbers to play and when? A quick internet search will reveal a multitude of sites offering lucky lottery numbers and random number generators based on your particular star sign. All you have to do is choose one that resonates with you, and keep an eye out for when your luck cycle is at its peak.


What's more, playing according to your star sign's particular strengths could be a bonus - because just as each horoscope has certain characteristics, each one has a number of lottery behaviours associated with it as well:

Aries: An adventurous spirit, a courageous player, and someone who needs to get their entries in as soon as possible.

Taurus: A trustworthy player who likes nothing more than to sit back and watch jackpots roll over, then swoop in to claim the ultimate prize.

Gemini: A take-no-prisoners type who bets big just seconds before the draw closes.

Cancer: Family-oriented and caring, this player makes sure to buy numbers for everyone close to them.

Leo: Generous and open-minded, this player goes for the big jackpots and has big dreams for their winnings.

Virgo: Analytical, detail-oriented and organised, this player keeps a careful record of all their game play and knows exactly which numbers are due to come up.

Libra: A player who likes to spread the odds across all the lotteries to increase their chances of winning.

Scorpio: Passionate and magnetic, this player keeps their strategy under wraps till the jackpot is theirs.

Sagittarius: This player loves big lotteries, big jackpots, and isn't afraid of trying new things.

Capricorn: More conservative, this player starts small, but has big winning ambitions.

Aquarius: If there's a way to find new winning combinations, this player will find it, always on the lookout for that unique strategy.

Pisces: A daydreamer by nature, this player has big plans for their winnings, but needs to remember to play the lottery first!

If your usual number combination isn't coming up trumps for you, it might be worth playing your horoscope as a new strategy. Just find an online random number generator that links to your star sign, buy your lottery ticket today from, and see if a big win lies in your future!


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