Go All Out This Halloween With The Most Expensive Costumes Money Can Buy!

Whether you like Halloween only a little or a whole lot, there's no denying it's definitely one of the most exciting events on the holiday calendar! From witches and wizards to spectres and sirens it's an excuse to let your imagination run wild, whether you buy your costume ready-made, or get crafty with supplies and a glue gun.

Of course, if you have a healthy looking bank balance, there's no reason for you to go homemade (because honestly, who has the time?). Instead, you can buy your 2015 Halloween costume right off the rack - and if you've got it (the cash, we mean), why not flaunt it with one of the most expensive Halloween costumes to hit the shelves!

The Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Men’s Costume - $800

Every gamer's dream come true, this Halo 3 costume will make fellow enthusiasts green with envy - especially when they see details like gauntlets, boot tops, EVA armour and a deluxe helmet too. If you've always wanted to immerse yourself in the landscape of Halo, now's your chance - for the price of $800 of course.

Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Mens Costume

Orange State Prison Jumpsuit Costume - $1,000

Want to dress up as your favourite white collar criminal? Or perhaps join the cast of Orange is the New Black? Then the Orange State Prison Jumpsuit Costume is exactly what you need - a steal (pun intended) at just $1,000!

Orange State Prison Jumpsuit

Fish Mascot Costume - $1,370

Why follow the crowd with a Little Mermaid costume when you could stand out from the pack as a merman instead! There's nothing fishy about this costume - instead it'll get you laughs a-plenty, while you're super comfy inside thanks to screen vision panelling and built-in fans. If you've got the $1,370, then you've got a definite entry into the best-dressed competition at any and every Halloween party this year!

Fish Mascot

Medieval Gothic Full Suit of Armour Costume - $10,000

This one you'll definitely need a lotto jackpot for - because with an asking price of $10,000, this is no ordinary Halloween costume! Instead, it's the mother of all medieval suits of armour, complete with handmade detailing, and crafted from pure steel all the way from India! Before you put it on though, make sure you have a friend or two on hand to help you out of it - because while dressing like a knight is fun for an evening, we're not sure how much you'd enjoy it if it became a permanent fixture!

Medieval Gothic Full Suit of Armour Costume

Veniamin’s Human Slinky Costume - $1,000,000

Got a million dollars to spare? Then you've got the most expensive Halloween costume ever - and one of the most memorable too! Because why go as a sports star, movie character or horror figure when you could go as an actual toy instead? And not just any toy - a psychedelic human slinky! The price may be a little over your usual Halloween budget, but once you purchase it, you'll also have permission to wear it on a public stage for the next five years, as well as a lifetime of wearing it to every party you can think of! Cheap at the price? If you've got a lotto jackpot to work with, everything's cheap at the price! Happy Halloween, and happy playing with GiantLottos.com!

Veniamins Human Slinky

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