You know the saying, "it couldn't have happened to a nicer person"? We rarely think that when we hear about someone winning a giant lottery. Sure it's fun to read about someone winning a huge jackpot, and finding out what they'll do with all that money, but more often than not we wish WE were the ones who had won. If only we'd bought a ticket for THAT draw, if only we'd chosen THOSE numbers instead of these ones. And yes, it could have happened to nicer people - us!

We don't mean it in a selfish way of course - we're only human, and it's natural to see someone come into a fortune and wish that we were in their place. It doesn't mean we're not happy for them, just that we'd be happier if it were our bank account that was filled with zeroes instead.

That's what makes the story of Jon and Marie Stechcon such a heartwarming one - because when we read about their lottery-winning good fortune, we didn't begrudge them a cent of it. And we really did think that it couldn't have happened to a nicer couple.

Happy anniversary - here's a winning lottery ticket!

The morning of Marie Stechcon's 26th wedding anniversary started like any other. She woke up. And from that moment on, her life changed forever. Because after opening her eyes, her husband Jon handed her a lottery ticket, with the news that it had won them an incredible $1.6 million and that she could finally retire from her job at the Fireside Lounge, where she had worked as a server for 29 years.

“He said, ‘Happy anniversary. We did it. We won. You can retire now,’ ” Marie says. “I didn’t believe him, of course.”

But win they had, taking home a huge $1 million after taxes, more than enough for Marie to leave the Fireside Lounge and take a well-deserved retirement. However the couple's euphoria at winning was due to more than dollars and cents, but rather the free time that they would now have to spend with each other - moments made all the more precious by Jon's diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis, a condition he was made aware of 5 years ago at the age of 45.

Marie Stechcon

Winning the lottery gives the Stechcons more than financial freedom - it gives them the luxury of enjoying each other's company, and of making every minute together count. “Before this, I figured I’d work a few more years and then I’d retire, before it gets too hard for Jon,” says Marie, 60. “We have a lot of things we want to do together.”

And do them they can - a fact that was celebrated by Marie's colleagues and customers at an event thrown at the Fireside lounge in their honour.

“Everybody here is so happy for them,” explains Mike Udovich, Fireside Lounge owner and self-appointed party organiser. “They’ve gone through a lot recently with Jon’s health — and this will help a lot. And nobody here is envious or jealous. I think that says a lot about what people think of them.”

Thanks to the lottery win, Marie will now be able to stay at home with Jon and care for him as his mobility deteriorates, rather than having to pick up extra shifts to pay for his care, as she was forced to do in the past. Marie's colleagues, customers and children are all in agreement - no-one deserves a win more than her, and no-one is more in need of an early retirement and all the benefits it brings!

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