Become A Billioanire With The Record US Powerball This Wednesday!

If you've been waiting for the biggest, the best, the most colossal jackpot drawing of them all, then wait no longer - because the lottery prize of your dreams is here and it's set to change your life in ways you can only imagine!

Record powerball jackpot $1,4 billion

Get ready, because come Wednesday night, you could go from rags to riches in a matter of minutes, all thanks to the US Powerball and a gargantuan jackpot of $1.4 billion!

That's right – 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS!

We had to use all caps, that's how excited we are! It's been rollover after rollover for weeks now, as Powerball players have been watching the initial $40 million jackpot grow bigger and bigger without being claimed.

And now what began as a regular prize pool has metamorphosised into a tsunami of winnings - $1.4 billion in jackpot winnings to be exact!

And, believe it or not, all it takes is six lucky numbers to claim it come Wednesday night!

Make your play for the biggest jackpot in the world - EVER!

It's being billed as the biggest jackpot drawing the world has ever seen - and with $1.4 billion up for grabs in this Wednesday's Powerball draw, it's the truth!

We know we've never seen a jackpot prize this big before - so if you're on the fence about playing, it's time to come down on the side of YES, and purchase your tickets now!

That's because once you've bought your tickets, you could soon be buying a whole lot more - like a villa in Monaco, a chateau in France, a garage full of luxury vehicles and supercars, a designer wardrobe, first class travel to the world's most exotic holiday destinations, your own private jet - and SO MUCH MORE!

With over $1 billion to your name, you'll have a shopping list that never ends - and a life of total and utter fabulousness to look forward to!

Don't miss out - buy your Powerball tickets while there's still time!

Whether the US Powerball is one of your regular lotto plays or not, there's no time to waste - you need to buy your Powerball tickets for the Wednesday night draw, and you need to buy them pronto!

You'll never forgive yourself if you forget to purchase your entries into the world's biggest jackpot draw, so stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW, log into your account, and purchase your Powerball tickets online while you still can!

Of course, that's the beauty of buying with - because no matter where you are in the world, you'll have the same chance as every other player of walking off with that historic $1.4 billion jackpot.

There's no need to live in the USA, and no need to worry about buying your tickets - simply logon to from wherever you are, and we'll do all the work for you.

As soon as you've chosen your lucky numbers, you can sit back and relax - and wait for that billion-dollar jackpot to hopefully come your way!

So don't waste any time - purchase your Powerball tickets online from, choose your lucky numbers, and get ready for us to call you with the best news of your life!

The Powerball is searching for a billionaire, and it could be you! - make sure you're in it to win it this Wednesday, and make your wildest dreams a reality!

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