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13 November 2014

UK Syndicate Share GBP 2.9M Jackpot But Will Keep Working

A syndicate made up of a group of five workers from John Hargreaves Paper Mill Operators factory in the United Kingdom took home a £2.9 million jackpot in the UK Lotto draw on the 1st of November.

The five co-workers will take home almost £600,000 each but have all vowed to continue working. The syndicate known as the Agnati Crew Syndicate have been buying lottery tickets using the same numbers for the last 10 years and prior to winning the jackpot, had never won more than £100. 
David King, a great-grandfather who retired from the factory three years ago but remained part of the syndicate told reporters:  “You never think it’s going to happen to you. We were in shock when we each found out. I didn’t sleep on Saturday night.” 
53-year old Gary Smith, who is the leader of the Agnari Crew Syndicate said: “I’m going to get a new car, one of the Mini Coupes. And obviously me and my wife have talked about paying off the mortgage. We put £16 a week on between us, and then at Christmas we split all the money we have won that year. We might not wait until Christmas with this one though.”
A pair of brothers, Andrew and Pete Howard also formed part of the syndicate and 44-year old Andrew told reporters:  “I’m taking my grandson to see Mickey Mouse. He knows as well, every time he sees a plane he points and says Mickey Mouse. We’ll take him to Florida.” Pete, 46 who has two children of his own, said: “And I’ll probably end up going with him.” 
The fifth member of the syndicate is 47-year old Phillip Mellon who told the press: “I have not decided yet what I am going to spend it on.”
The factory workers play the same numbers each week in addition to a ticket made up of a number selected by each syndicate member, which happened to be the syndicate’s winning ticket. Despite their major windfalls, the syndicate will be returning to work. 
Syndicate leader Gary, said: “We were all back in work straight away due to the workload. The company is quite short staffed at the moment so we didn’t want to just take time off or walk away because of our win.”
Pete, who has been working for John Hargreaves for the past 20 years, added: “We have all worked here for years as well so we don’t want to just take off.”
His brother Andrew, who has been with the company for 14 years in total, said: “It’s one of those places you either don’t last or you are here for a long time. It’s a family business.”
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