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20 September 2017

Check Out These Strange Winning Numbers From The Latest Michigan Lotto Draw

Very few lotto winners will ever tell you that they included the same number twice when picking their winning combinations. However, this strategy would have won you some serious money in the latest Michigan lottery draw.

Who would have thought that zeroes could be so profitable? A total of four zeroes were drawn in a recent Michigan lottery draw, winning a total of 1,079 players an impressive $5,000 each. The draw took place on Sunday as a part of the Michigan Daily 4 lottery game. Officials said that this is the first time that four zeroes have ever been drawn on a Daily 4 game, which has been played every day since 1981. 

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Established in Italy and played all over the world, the SuperEnaLotto game commenced its life in the 1950's just as the "EnaLotto" but witnessed a major rebranding being done during 1997; and is currently the Superenalotto that players know presently. 
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