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03 March 2015


The countdown to mega million winnings has begun and the clock is ticking - soon it'll be time for one of the biggest lottery sensations of the year - the EuroMillions Superdraw! This international lottery may be based in Europe, but its massive jackpot has players from all over the world in a frenzy, just itching to get their hands on its colossal €100 million payout!

If you're in South Africa, €100 million means R2.5 billion - almost enough to buy the entire country! That could be what has so many South African lottery fans in a tizz over the upcoming jackpot. Social media pages and fan forums are going through the roof, with everyone wanting a piece of the multi-million action.


Enter to win the €100 million jackpot at today

Friday 6 March is when the draw takes place and Paris, France is the venue - and if you don't have a ticket by then, you'll be missing out! Of course, whether you're in South Africa, Timbuktu, Tasmania, Newfoundland, La Paz or any other corner of the world, you'll be able to stake your claim to the massive Superdraw jackpot simply by going online to and purchasing your ticket (or tickets) into this exciting EuroMillions draw.

That's right - thanks to the power of the internet, and some very clever lottery fans, there's no need for you to take time off work, buy a vastly expensive plane ticket to Europe, sit in a tiny economy seat for however many hours, then jump off the plane and run around trying to find a EuroMillions retailer. Ain't nobody got time for that. No, thanks to the whizzkids at, all you need to do is open an account, and you'll be able to buy as many lottery tickets as you like, all with the click of a button.

What's more, there's no danger of you winning the life-changing Superdraw jackpot and being in the dark about it. Unlike lottery players who buy actual tickets and then always seem to lose them, your virtual ticket details will be emailed to you for safekeeping. Win any money in the draw, and you'll be sent an email notifying you of your good luck. Win the actual jackpot, and you'll get a (most likely hysterical) call from your dedicated account manager, informing you of your good fortune! There's no scrabbling under couches, furiously checking jeans pockets or cleaning out cars needed - if you've bought a winning ticket with we'll know about it - and you will too!

Hurry - buy your EuroMillions Superdraw lottery ticket now!

The EuroMillions Superdraw may only be happening in four days' time, but that doesn't mean you should sit around waiting for it. Oh no - take control of your destiny and buy your ticket NOW while there's still time. You can't win a lottery you didn't enter (although sometimes Nigerian princes would have us believe the opposite) so make sure you get your hands on a EuroMillions lottery ticket before the draw closes. Wherever you are in the world, is waiting to make you a winner!




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