The Moment Of Truth : How Do I Know If I've Won On Giant Lottos?

At we love playing the lotto - but even more than that, we love winning the lotto too! And we know that as a player, that's always the number one question on your mind - how will you know if you've won any of the huge lottos we offer?

Thankfully, there's more than one answer to that question, and every one of them work out in your favour. So if you've ever wondered how you'll know if you've won the lotto with us, or if you've ever missed out on any Giant lotto winnings, read on and let us put your mind at ease!

1. How will I know if I've won any Giant lottos?

If and when you win any giant lottos with, we'll be the first to tell you! Not only will we notify you via email shortly after the results have been validated, we'll automatically credit your account with your winnings, and we'll publish the results on our web page too. What's more, should you win an amount of £500 or more, we'll call to congratulate you in person! So there's no way you'll miss out on any Giant Lottos - not on our watch!

2. Will I need to pay tax on my lottery winnings?

Yes and no - this depends completely on the lotto you choose to play. For example, the UK Lotto and the EuroMillions lottery are tax-free, while US lotteries such as the Powerball and Mega Millions do require taxes to be paid. Should any taxes or fees be applicable to your winnings, we will deduct these first before transferring your money into your account - so you can be sure that the amount in your account is the full, legal amount owing to you.

3. How long do I have to wait before I can collect my winnings?

We know it's not just enough to win Giant Lottos - you want to be able to spend your prize money too! That's why as soon as the lottery board has verified your particular lottery draw, we'll immediately transfer your winnings into your account, minus any applicable fees or taxes. Once you request a withdrawal from your account, we'll process your transaction within five working days, using only accredited banks or money transfer companies. The sooner we can get you your Giant Lotto winnings, the better!

4. Is my lottery payment guaranteed?

Absolutely! has been in business for 10 years, and in that time we've made every single payment owing to our players. If you're a member and you win money on any of our lotteries, you'll be paid out every cent, and that's a fact!

As you can see, when you're a winner with, there's no way you'll miss out on your giant lottos! We'll let you know via email, we'll call you, we'll pay your money into your account, we'll publish the results on our web page, and we'll transfer your withdrawal request within five working days. So you can be sure when you play with, you'll always get what's owing to you!

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