Have you ever wondered if some people are just luckier than others when it comes to winning the lottery? Perhaps they live in the right place, buy their lottery tickets from the right vendor, have the right "luck" gene? Well, according to recent findings from the UK Lottery, it may simply be because they have the right job. So if you've been thinking of switching careers lately, you may find it a far more lucrative move than you think!

After more than 20 years of making millionaires and making people's wildest dreams come true, the lottery organisations have had a look at all of the UK Lottery stats, facts and figures, and with the help of former UK Lotto winner, Peter Lavery, have revealed its top 5 winning professions - career choices you might consider making if you're serious about hitting the big one.

Move jobs - become a UK Lottery winner!

Top of the UK Lottery's winner list is (drum roll please) … the building profession! That's right - the builders you hire for repairs and extensions are by far the luckiest when it comes to playing the UK Lotto, with a massive 331 millionaires among their ranks since the first UK Lottery draw back in 1994. Might make you think twice before giving your next contractor a piece of your mind! Below is a picture of builder (or ex-builder) Tony Nutbrown who won £3 million in the UK Lottery in 2008.

Former Builder and Lottery Winner Tony Nutbrown

Of course, if you don't fancy a career in the building trade, perhaps a driving job might be more up your alley? It's worth considering, particularly as drivers are second on the list of luckiest jobs, boasting a gigantic 193 millionaires, including east Belfast's own Peter Lavery, and Les Scadding from South Wales who drove off with an uber impressive £45 million win in 2009. Cabbie, lorry driver, bus driver, you name it, we'll brake for winning any day!

In fact, since his win in 1996, Peter Lavery has become more than just another UK Lottery winner - he's become one of Northern Ireland's most celebrated winners, taking home a staggering £10,248,233, and using it to set himself up as a successful businessman.

As Lavery says, “Most people think ‘it could never happen to me’ but I’m living proof that it can happen to anybody at any time. It’s wonderful to see so many other drivers, and of course workers from all other professions, enjoying the good fortune that I did. I’ve certainly enjoyed my win which has helped create a better life for me and the people that are important to me. I’ve also invested my money wisely in a number of business ventures and plans are now at an advanced stage to build my own distillery at the historic Crumlin Road Gaol site in Belfast.”

Play the UK Lottery with and win!

Ok so builders and drivers do monumentally well on the UK Lottery - but what about the other professions in the top 5? Well, if you've ever considered taking a job in the administration, manufacturing or retail sectors, you may want to follow up on those plans, because with wins worth £840 million, £615 million and £500 million in each industry respectively, it'll be more than worth your while!

Of course, there's an easier way to ensure you're in with a chance of winning the UK Lottery, and it doesn't involve a mid-life career change. All it involves is logging onto to buy your lottery tickets online quickly and easily. With £10.5 million on the line in Saturday night's draw, there's never been a better time to go for gold - and there's no need to start building home extensions or driving a cab either. One ticket is all it takes, and you could soon be in the money with and the UK Lottery!

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