Say Three Cheers To Extravagance With Your Most Luxurious Happy Hour Yet!

The weekend may be over but lottery winners don't need to wait for Friday afternoon to get their mixture of cocktails and awesome. In fact, speaking of cocktails, it's almost our favourite time of day - happy hour! And while right now we spend it by drinking brightly coloured half-price drinks filled with tiny umbrellas, when we hit the jackpot we'll be splashing out in the most extravagant way possible! Because you haven't done happy hour until you've done it lotto style!

Dress to impress in the world's most expensive cocktail gown

Half of the fun of happy hour is throwing on a pair of heels and letting your hair down - but if you have oodles in your bank account, you have to think a little bigger. And by bigger, we mean the most expensive cocktail dress in the world! Forget chain store dresses and last season's shoes - we're talking about a haute couture creation with a $15 million price tag! Yes, you read that correctly - $15 million. Maybe it's time for that drink right about now?

Tov International cocktail dress

So what do you get for your $15 million? A veritable waterfall of diamonds, that's what. Designed and manufactured by Tov International, this one-of-a-kind showstopper features a bodice encrusted with 85 diamonds, as well as sleeves with four diamonds on each, and a back with a further three diamonds. That's a massive 96 diamonds in total - more than enough to make you the centre of attention no matter where you've planned your happy hour drinks extravaganza. Now that definitely deserves a 'Cheers'!

Sip on luxury with the most expensive cocktail in the world

So if you're dressed to the nines (well, to the $15 millions actually), you'll need a drink just as exclusive to match. It's no good wearing enough diamonds to fill Cartier, and then knocking back a bottle of beer. No, you need something as opulent as you are - and nothing says extravagant quite like Gigi's, the London cocktail worth an eye-watering £9,000!

Gigis cocktail

Want to know what else £9,000 could buy you? A car, that's what. You're essentially spending on one drink what another family would save to spend on one car. But what a drink it is! Forget vodka, rum and fruit juice - this extraordinary cocktail is a blend of vintage champagne and oh-so-rare Armagnac, topped with a generous sprinkle of genuine gold leaf. While it's most definitely an improvement on the old happy hour faithfuls, it's still priced at an unbelievable £60 per 1ml - so if we're ever lucky enough to taste it, we're going to savour each and every drop. No wonder it's also known as liquid gold - at £9,000 a glass, it's just as expensive as actual gold!

Got your party shoes on and ready to head out the door? You'll need to buy your lotto tickets first if you're thinking of jazzing up your happy hour with diamonds and gold leaf. Luckily with they're quick and easy to buy - which means that you could be a lotto winner faster than it takes a bartender to say "next round"!

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