What Are The Lotteries With The Best Chances Of Winning? (And New Competition)

Whether you're new to the world of online lotteries, or are a long-time fan, playing for huge multi-million jackpots is always a thrill, particularly when consecutive rollovers contribute to bigger and bigger potential paydays.

But with so many draws to play each week, and so many prizes on offer, which lotteries online are the biggest and best to play for, and which give you the best chance of winning?

Now, just to be clear, at GiantLottos we have different types of lottery offer: we have traditional lotteries, syndicate lottery offers, raffles and also bundled lotteries... What we are talking about here are the odds as they relate to regular international lotteries, the ones with the GIANT jackpots! (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

Let's take a look!

Going For Gold With The Biggest Lotteries

As lotto fans we all dream of hitting the big one - of finding that golden number combination that nets us the ultimate jackpot prize.

And even better, with the huge range of international lottery draws on offer practically every day, there's always a massive payout to play for.

In fact, the global lotteries available at GiantLottos have paid out the biggest most record-breaking jackpots in the world, delivering enough in multi-million winnings to change lives forever!

Take a look below at the record jackpots of each lottery available at GiantLottos and make a note of which tickets to buy the next time you login to your account:

The odds of winning lottery prizes

So far so good - now you know which lotteries have paid out the biggest jackpots, and which to keep an eye on as they grow bigger with every rollover.

But often a lottery's odds of winning have little bearing on the size of the prize, meaning that it's possible to play a smaller lottery and have a better chance of winning any prize:

  • UK Lotto odds - 1 in 9.3
  • EuroMillions odds - 1 in 13
  • Mega Millions odds - 1 in 14.7
  • EuroJackpot odds - 1 in 26
  • German Lotto odds - 1 in 31
  • Powerball odds - 1 in 24.8
  • Irish Lotto odds - 1 in 29
  • SuperEnaLotto odds - 1 in 314
  • Mega-Sena odds - 1 in 2332

As you can see, with a 1 in 9.3 chance of winning, the UK Lotto tops the list as the best bet with winning any prize. For more information about super lottos players club and increase your odds of winning the lottery with the best guaranteed to win lottery syndicates online.

Brazil's Mega-Sena is at the bottom, thanks to its three prize tiers, as opposed to the five, six or more on offer with other online lotto games. Wile MegaSena may not be the top selection it still ranks as one of the all-time best lotteries in the world.

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