Most of us ordinary folk have to save up for a cruise if we ever want to take one - months of saving for seven days and nights at sea, in a tiny cabin. Sure it's fun, but think about how much more fun it would be if we could go on the ocean voyage we really wanted - days and nights of luxury on a huge extravagant yacht, cabin members at our beck and call, as much space as we wanted to stretch out and enjoy ourselves... It's a fantasy alright, but one that can be turned into a reality with millions in lottery winnings!

That's right - one decent jackpot win and the ocean awaits, all from the deck of your very own superyacht! Packed with every modern amenity, awash with luxury, and run by your own private staff, a lavish yacht is the only way to travel at sea if you count yourself as one of the ultra-wealthy - which you could be by buying your lottery ticket online with! Hit the big one and you could soon be going overboard with spending on one of these uber-expensive kings of the sea:

The Rising Sun - $200 million

Rising Sun

Believe it or not, at $200 million The Rising Sun is the cheapest yacht on our list! That's a whole lot of Powerball numbers you'll have to get right, just for the least expensive yacht. Relatively speaking of course - because while The Rising Sun may be the runt of the litter, it still offers 453 feet of awesome, with 82 rooms to choose from, and a private basketball court (slash helipad), wine cellar and cinema. Not too shabby!

Al Said - $300 million

Al Said

Moving up the list of ka-ching, the Al Said clocks in at a whopping $300 million - although it does bring with it an impressive string of records, such as being the world’s highest displacement superyacht (15,850 tons), the most powerful superyacht (16,500kW), and the world's fourth longest superyacht (508 feet). And as if that wasn't spectacular enough, it boasts enough rooms for 70 guests and 154 crew members. If not, why not?

Eclipse - $450 million+


You'd better get those lucky numbers spot on if you've got the Eclipse in your sights, because this superyacht could wipe out your entire lottery win in one fell swoop. Owned by Roman Abramovich, the 50th richest person in the world, this $450 million beauty is pocket change to a man who's a billionaire ten times over (yes, you read that correctly). With three launch boats, two helipads, a submarine and a German-built missile defense system (?) the Eclipse isn't just a yacht - it's a small floating country! Although getting a passport aboard this anti-paparazzi vessel may be a tricky operation...

Streets of Monaco - $1 billion

Streets of Monaco

If you're talking floating countries though, the Streets of Monaco is the ultimate in ocean experiences. More than simply a yacht, it's a complete replica of the actual streets of Monaco (so, not just a clever name) spread out over 500 feet of total luxury. Think the Monte Carlo casino, the Hotel de Paris, and even the Monte Carlo racetrack, all scaled down for a miniature version of sophistication on the high seas! Of course with a price tag originally starting at $1 billion, it's not something most of us would be able to afford, even with a jackpot win to our name. But we can still dream!

Ready to set sail for a giant jackpot win? Then make your first port of call! Simply choose your favourite lottery draw, buy your lottery ticket online with us, and get ready to launch your new life as a multi-million lottery jackpot winner!


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