Do Your Lottery Tickets Expire?

It's something that happens all too often; a lotto player will purchase their tickets and match numbers on the night of the draw, but somehow they will forget to check their tickets.

And many times a lotto players will think to themselves; "Didn't I get a ticket for that draw?" and scramble to find the ticket that they bought weeks or even months ago. But even if they manage to find their winning ticket are they still able to claim their winnings months after the draw took place?

No matter if you win $4 or $4 million, each lottery ticket has an expiry date (take note : that all lotto tickets do expire at some point). If you have not claimed your prize by the time this expiry date rolls around your winnings will be forfeited and will go toward funding a charity or organisation picked by that specific lottery.

But how long do you have before your lottery tickets expire? or can lottery tickets expire?

Depending on the lottery that you decide to play, each one has a different time frame in which their tickets will expire. For example, USA Powerball tickets all expire 180 days after the draw date, regardless of the amount of the prize.

As the expiration dates on lottery tickets vary from lottery to lottery.

While each lottery has their own date for ticket expiration, most lotteries have over 100 days before they expire. But is there something that lottery players can do to ensure that they don't need to worry about forgetting their tickets, or having to worry about ticket expiration dates? Yes there is!

Buy your online lottery tickets online and never miss an expiry date again!

If you buy your lotto tickets online we'll make sure that we notify you of your win, and we'll deposit your win into your Giant Lottos account for you to use at your own leisure. And if you hit that big life-changing jackpot one of our Giant Lottos team members will get on the phone and contact your personally bout your ticket. So you do lottery tickets expire on Giant Lottos? The short answer is no, we claim them for you immediately.

Do foreign lottery tickets expire?

With the rise of online lottery ticketing agents many lottery players are now able to take part in foreign lottery games. The online lottery website acts as a proxy between the official lottery and the lottery player, purchasing tickets on behalf of the player and paying out any winnings into their online profile. But many players find themselves asking the question; do foreign lottery tickets ever expire?

Foreign lottery tickets expire much in the same way that your local lottery tickets will also have an expiration date. Each lottery has different expiration dates for their tickets, usually within the space of 180 days to a year. The online lottery ticket agent will always specify how much time you have to collect the prize before your winning lottery ticket expires.

We often get players asking us these questions about our specific online lottery jackpot tickets.

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How long are lottery tickets valid?

Some lottery players are under the impression that jackpot winning tickets may be valid for longer than tickets that have won lower tier prizes. Your lottery tickets are valid from anywhere between 120 days to one year, depending on the specific lottery game. Remember, your lottery tickets are all valid for the same time period if they are jackpot winning tickets or if they have won no prizes.

When playing offline lotto. Always be certain to check how long your lottery tickets are valid for before playing. An advantage of buying your lottery tickets online is that the online lottery website will email you to remind you to collect your prizes before your winning tickets expire.

You can also check the winning numbers online for your land based lottery ticket in our lotto results history page, where we maintain a conclusive archive of all the best lottos in the world. The Giant Lottos super lotto players club explains how we use the latest lotto winning strategies by month to enable our players to routinely select winning lottery numbers by simply using the GiantLottos quick pick technology trademarked SUPA-QP™.

How long can I wait before claiming lottery prizes?

Lottery players who have won any prizes are encouraged to claim their winnings as soon as possible. Many times players will be aware that they have won, but soon after forget to claim their prizes, especially if these prizes are small. You can only wait for the set amount of time as specified by the official lottery games. This could be anywhere from 180 days to a year depending on which lottery game you have bought tickets for.

We advise our players not to wait too long before claiming their prizes, as all major lottery games have expiration dates.

Are you worried that it might not be safe to buy lotto tickets online? See why buying your lottery tickets online through Giant Lottos is safe right here. There are plenty of advantages to buying your lottery tickets online, see all the differences between buying lotto tickets online vs offline right here. With Giant Lottos you will never have to worry about when your lotto ticket expires. For more information on how to choose winning lotto numbers wisely click here and many more tips for winning lotteries.

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