What did you do last week? Did you get up for work, spending hours in the daily commute before spending yet more hours sitting at a desk? Did you see the same familiar faces, do the same familiar things, same as you do every week? Did you daydream about doing something new, something different, something that lights up your soul? And then did you shake your head, and go back to doing the same old same old?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're not alone. So many of us start our adult lives by making fantastic plans for the future - going to new places, meeting new people, learning new things. And then slowly but surely those bright shiny dreams fade into dull reality - the monotony of a routine where every week starts to look the same, and the new, different and exciting plans we had in mind eventually fall by the wayside. Our bucket lists that were once so eagerly pinned up are taken down and crumpled up instead, lost at the bottom of our wastepaper baskets under the detritus of everyday living.

It's not too late though. It's never too late. If you see the weeks of your life stretching before you, every one the same as the last, it's time to make a change - smooth out that bucket list and start ticking the items off one by one. "You only regret the things you haven't done", as the saying goes - and if years down the line there are still hundreds of things you've wanted to do but never have, you'll feel that regret keenly.

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That's why at, we want to help you make those faded dreams bright again. We want to help you go on that longed-for trip around the world, learn a foreign language, play a musical instrument, go skydiving, big wave surfing, deep sea fishing, cross country motorbiking. We want to help you feel the sun on your face as you picnic in Tuscany, feel the tools in your hands as you build lives for the homeless in Chile, and see the smiles on your loved ones' faces as you pay them a long overdue visit.

We want to pull you out of your rut, kick you out of your comfort zone, and give you the life of joy, excitement and passion you deserve.

And how do we do that?


With one lottery ticket.

Just one lottery ticket, a handful of carefully selected numbers, and the world is your oyster. No more daily grind and beige, lifeless weeks, but daily surprises and thrills, and a lifetime of opportunities ahead. is where the world comes to select winning numbers to play, and where you could soon come to fulfil your wildest dreams. Trekking in the Amazon, climbing the Great Wall of China, playing the harp, learning the Argentinian Tango - if you can dream it, you can do it. All it takes is one lottery ticket from, and you could soon be filling your passport with stamps, and your life with meaning and purpose. So many weeks of your life ahead of you. How will you choose to spend them?

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