What do Weetabix and the National Lottery have in common? Usually, nothing, however this week they're both in the headlines for one reason - Elfriede Bliss.

That's because this lucky lotto fan, who's also a Weetabix factory cleaner in Northamptonshire, has managed to scoop herself a substantial £100,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard!

Luck plus persistence equal a winning lotto formula

So how did Elfriede manage to clean up so brilliantly? Quite by chance as it happens. While paying her newspaper bill, Elfriede was prompted to play some National Lottery scratchcards at the same time. After winning £6 on the first scratcher, she used her small windfall to purchase a further three Triple Payout cards before taking them home to scratch with husband, Peter. And that's when luck struck!

“I thought I’d won £100 but kept scratching and then saw another symbol, then another", says Elfriede. “I was trying to keep calm, checking and double-checking the ticket, Peter just couldn’t stop laughing. It still hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’m going to keep on working, treat ourselves but keep my feet firmly on the ground.”


Any lottery win deserves some kind of spoiling though, which is why Elfriede chose to put her feet up for a while and relax with afternoon tea at Rushton Hall. Although despite this brief break, she has no plans to leave her job at the Weetabix factory.

“I work from 6am to 9.15am and 5.15pm to 8.15pm Monday to Friday and then a shift on Saturday too", she explains, "so it’s nice to put my feet up and relax. I love my job and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many friendly people.”

Elfriede may still be working, but she's looking forward to taking time to play as well - specifically by indulging her love of music, and that of Daniel O'Donnell in particular. As huge fans of the Irish singer, Elfriede and Peter have already travelled the UK to see him perform, and are now looking forward to seeing him in the comfort of their own home via YouTube - on a brand-new laptop that they'll be treating themselves to.

Another indulgence that Elfriede is looking forward to is a new cooker, one to replace their broken one, and help cook the perfect Christmas meal this year. Now thanks to her lucky win, she'll have more than enough resources to buy the best cooker on the market - and we'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping for an invite to the meal!

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If there's one thing that Elfriede's win shows us, it's that a lottery win could strike anywhere, anytime. That's why you always need to be in it to win it, and you always need to be determined to carry on playing, despite any initial setbacks. Elfriede's first scratcher wasn't a big winner, so she played again - and now she's got a £100,000 jackpot to show for it!

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