Teddy Bear Wins The Lottery?

They definitely do things differently in China and the lottery is no exception. Whilst we have bought to you many stories over the year of lottery winners flashing huge smiles as they stand with the cheque that will change the rest of their lives, this is the first time we have ever seen someone collect their winnings in a bear suit. Take a look at how this player celebrated his £53 million win in the video below:

Surprisingly this isn’t a rare occurrence in China with lottery winners keen to hide their identity as the Chinese lottery winners are broadcast on Chinese television. Previous winners have also collected their winnings dressed as Mickey Mouse in August and as a panda back in 2011.

At GiantLottos.com, when you hit the jackpot you won’t be required to stand in front of the cameras so you can put away your costumes (unless of course you insist on collecting your winnings in a wacky disguise!). With 3 jackpots in excess of $100 million this week, surely now is the time to start dreaming of what you’ll be wearing on the day you receive the money that changes the rest of your life. We’ll be wishing you the very best of luck whether you play the €140M EuroMillions Superdraw, $200M USA MegaMillions or $110M USA Powerball this week!

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