Travel The World Aboard The World - The Ultimate In Luxury Sailing Experiences

It might be third on the list of lottery winners' purchases after a new house and car, but it's one that's sure to excite and delight for years to come. It's the exotic holiday of course, and it's a staple on any self-respecting lotto winner's 'must-do' list.

Of course the most crucial element of any fabulous holiday is the location. It's no use spending hundreds of thousands and ending up somewhere you can't wait to leave. No, you need to spend your millions wisely, and enjoy every moment of your well-deserved overseas holiday - particularly as you can now afford the best of everything.

Making the decision as to where your holiday destination should be - now that's the hard part. Do you go for beach or city? Hot or cold? Rural or urban? With 196 countries to visit worldwide, the options are limitless - especially as now money is no object. So why not make the decision easy for yourself, and instead of choosing one place to visit, travel to them all - aboard The World, a cruise liner unlike any you've ever seen before!


The luxury ocean holiday you've always dreamed of

There are cruises and then there are cruises - and The World most definitely falls into the latter. In fact, The World is no simple cruise liner - instead it's a unique combination of private yacht and extravagant holiday home, giving you a round-the-world experience unlike any other.

That's because once you step on board The World, you're not on vacation - you're home. As the world's largest private residential ship, The World boasts not cabins, but actual homes - 165 of them in fact, designed for you to live in permanently and make your own, while travelling to every destination the world has to offer on a lifelong journey of luxury, adventure and exploration. Makes a difference from all-you-can-drink weekend cruises, doesn’t it?


Despite the fact that a home aboard The World comes with a price tag of millions (yay for winning the lottery!) the waiting list for a private residence grows every day, so if you're eager for a spot aboard the world's most exclusive cruise liner, you'll need to work quickly! Because once you do, you're in for the trip of a lifetime - one that lasts exactly that long, and that will see you travelling the globe on a series of exclusive annual expeditions, going places and seeing sights like never before.

Think of it - waking every morning with a new world outside your window, and endless opportunities to see, taste, touch, experience and store it in your memory banks forever. And when you're tired of travelling and need to put your feet up, your five-star apartment is the perfect place to come home to - a space to relax in luxury every evening, and savour the immense freedom and opulence your millions have afforded you.

If it didn't cost the earth, we'd be signing up for a home on board The World in a nanosecond - but right now the best we can do is buy a lottery ticket, and cross our fingers. And if the world's most luxurious cruise sounds like heaven on earth to you, we suggest you do the same - and quickly!

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