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09 October 2015

Have Yourself A Luxurious Little Christmas!

Is it just us or does the year seem to be snowballing more and more quickly towards December? Seems as if we were just toasting the New Year yesterday, and now soon we'll have to get used to writing a new date in our calendars.

While opinions are divided on the holidays - you either love them or you hate them - there's one thing that everyone can agree on. Christmas shopping is a pain! Searching for hours for parking, battling the crowds to get to the shelves, struggling to decide on what to get for who, and then mountains of wrapping to look forward to at home. Hold us back.

Of course, if you're a lotto winner, Christmas shopping can actually be a fun experience, rather than a painful one. The more money you have, the easier life is - and the easier it is to buy presents too! Especially when you have the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book to help you - a guide to the world's most expensive and sought-after gifts, and purveyor of extravagantly priced, oh-so-luxurious items like:

Couture Diary - $10,000

Why give someone a boring old day planner when you could gift them with a $10,000 couture diary instead? And not just any diary - a calfskin-bound look back at the most shining couture moments of your life, with original works of art by Abigail Vogel featuring 20 of your best-loved ensembles, and the story behind each one. Available in black or red with hand-tooled 24-carat gold detail, the couture diary is a must for every fashion-loving friend or family member, and a gift to be treasured. 

Couture Diary

Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Mustang Convertible - $95,000

Here's one for the guy or gal who has everything - the 2015 Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Mustang Convertible, built to celebrate Mustang's 50th year of manufacturing iconic American muscle cars. Get into the driver's seat and you'll immediately feel the power this sleek vehicle commands, with 700+ supercharged horsepower, and lightning-fast speed that sees it get up to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds. Order this unique vehicle for a motorhead in the family, and they'll get a two-day Ford Racing School Course along with it - after which they'll be fully prepped to drive you anywhere you want to go.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Mustang Convertible

World View Exploration at the Edge of Space - $90,000

It might be the final frontier, but that doesn't mean it can't be explored - and on a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a loved one too. If you have a friend or family member who's an avowed space nut, make all their dreams come true with this unbelievable gift - a trip 100,000 feet above the surface of the earth! That's only on the cards for 2017 though - in 2016 the gift includes a pre-flight trip to the Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona, a behind-the-scenes look at a World View test flight, and three days with the chase and recovery team. Out of this world? We definitely think so!

World View Exploration at the Edge of Space 

Arch Motorcycle & Ride Experience with Keanu Reeves - $150,000

Here's one that movie buffs and speed freaks will love - the chance to enjoy a motorcycle experience with Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves! As co-founder of the company behind the fantasy adventure, Arch Motorcycle Company, Reeves, along with his business partner Gard Hollinger, will be accompanying the recipient of the gift on a luxury three-day motoring experience along the California cost, complete with luxury accommodation, first-class travel, and the chance to experience the  Arch Motorcycle Company's KRGT-1 motorcycle first-hand. In fact with a gift this spectacular, we wouldn't blame you if you kept it all to yourself!

Arch Motorcycle Ride Experience with Keanu Reeves 

Of course if you wanted to have any hope of affording these phenomenal fantasy gifts, you'd have to win the lotto first - which is exactly what is here for! Purchase your lottery tickets online today, choose your favourite lucky number combination, and get your personal wrapper on speed dial, ready to package the most fabulous gifts your loved ones have ever seen! 

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