Must-see Sporting Events Every Fan Has To Experience

Saturday afternoon sport - it's the way many of us like to enjoy our weekends, sitting in front of the TV with a glass of something cold and fabulous, cheering our favourite teams or players on and basking in the shared victory when they finally emerge as champions.

Of course while it's fun to watch games and sporting events on TV, surrounded by friends and family, there's just something about being there in person - feeling the energy of thousands of fans, and seeing every goal, try or touchdown live, as it happens. Sadly, the cost involved in going to watch international sporting events is beyond prohibitive - after paying for flights, transport, food, accommodation and the entry tickets themselves, you wouldn't even have change out of your life savings. That's why you'll need to come up with another plan - like being gifted with an inheritance, or winning the lottery. And since Great-Aunt Edna is still looking surprisingly healthy, the lottery it'll have to be. How else will you be able to afford going to top sporting events like:

The Tour de France

200 cyclists, 23 days, 21 stages - that's the Tour de France, and that's one of the world's most popular multi-stage cycling races, attracting thousands upon thousands of spectators each year. Scoop a super lotto jackpot for yourself and next year you could be among them, cheering along the superhuman competitors as they race their way to the yellow jersey and worldwide acclaim.


Rugby World Cup

You'd better buy those lotto tickets fast, because the Rugby World Cup is set to take place in September of this year, and if past championships are anything to go by, it looks to be a cracker of an event. Taking place in England from 18 September onwards, the Rugby World Cup will see New Zealand returning to defend their title against the likes of South Africa, Australia, the home team, and 16 other nations, all fighting for rugby glory!


Monaco Grand Prix

It's the crème de la crème of Formula One races, and if you're a Grand Prix fan, it's an event that has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. Taking place on the streets of Monaco itself, it's a race characterised by speed, adrenaline and luxury, and one that's a must-watch whether you love the sport or not.



No-one really needs an excuse to eat strawberries and cream, but if you're looking for one, then the Wimbledon Men's Singles Final is the ultimate - a display of skill, stamina and superior technique that fans pay hundreds of pounds to see in the flesh. Win the lottery and you could be in the front row at centre court too - and if you're lucky enough to be caught on tv, you could be watching yourself on reruns for years to come!


The Olympics

The world's greatest showcase of athletic skill and achievement, the Olympic Games are the pinnacle of sporting events, and an occasion not to be missed. With more than 200 countries participating in both summer and winter sports, it's a feast of athleticism for die-hard and casual sports lovers alike, with each different Games becoming a talking-point for years afterwards. Spend part of your lotto jackpot getting to the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, and you'll have a front row seat to sporting action unlike any you've ever seen before!


Between these and other events like the Ryder Cup, the FIFA World Cup, the ICC World Cup and the Superbowl, there's plenty to keep even the most demanding of sporting fans entertained - and it's all yours to enjoy, as soon as you fill up your bank account with a big fat jackpot. Just think - you on a year-long tour of the globe, watching all your favourite sporting events live, close enough to feel the sweat. Now that's what we call living the dream!

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