How To Choose Lottery Numbers Wisely

Choosing lottery numbers can be something of an art, something of a science, and often something of a shot in the dark as well. Everyone has a different way of choosing their own numbers, and everyone is convinced that their particular strategy is best.

Over the years we've heard of millions of different methods for choosing lucky lottery numbers, ranging from the usual, like birthdays or important dates, to the unusual, like dreams or horoscopes, to the downright bizarre, like using the death of a monk to predict the number selection (yes, true story).

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With odds of 1 in 750,000,000 in some cases, being able to predict lottery numbers seems an almost impossible task - yet when you hear of people winning massive super jackpots, like Marie Holmes with her recent $188 million Powerball win, you realise that not only is it possible, it's possible it could happen to you too!

So with the odds being so stacked against you, is it at all likely that you could predict a winning set of lottery numbers? Well, if the internet experts have anything to say about it, yes! Take a look at the list of guidelines we've collected, and see if any of them pay off for you the next time you buy a lottery ticket online from

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Don't go for Quick Picks

According to seven-time lottery winner and self-proclaimed Powerball expert, Richard Lustig, playing Quick Pick or auto-selected numbers is a waste of time. "The lazy way out is to buy quick-picks", he says. "The computer picks out the numbers. Don't play quick-picks. Quick-picks are the worst thing you can do; you are playing with the worst odds." Lustig recommends instead doing research on your lottery of choice to see which numbers come up the most, designing a set of numbers around those findings, and then using them again and again for maximum winning potential, rather than changing your numbers with every draw.

Budget, budget, budget

Another of Lustig's tips is to set a lottery budget, and stick to it. "Don't get lottery fever - don't use your grocery money, or your rent money", he advises. "Remember one thing, if there is one winner on Saturday night, there will be millions of losers, don't be that person Sunday morning worrying about how you can pay back the money you spent."

Get on the right frequency

Most reputable lotteries will have game histories on their websites, and often a breakdown of the most frequent winning numbers too. Luckily for you, this data can be very helpful in choosing your numbers if you use it wisely. Simply select either some or all of the most frequently occurring numbers to make up your own lucky number collection, and you could soon find yourself on the end of a winning streak!

Have some fun!

If you like doodling or making pretty patterns, you could just be all the richer for it. The next time you're choosing your numbers, try making patterns out of the columns and rows you select. Your custom-made design may not improve your chances of winning, but it will make you enjoy the experience more, and could result in some unique number combinations.

If you're serious about choosing the right lottery numbers there are also a range of books or software prediction programmes that you can buy, but often the only people winning in these situations are the authors and manufacturers themselves. The fact is that no matter which numbers you choose, your odds of winning are exactly the same as anyone else's - which is why no matter how often you play, you'll always feel that same sense of excitement and anticipation.

That's not to say that choosing one method over another won't improve your chances - and perhaps even one of the methods outlined here could help you too. Try one for yourself today and see - just buy your lottery ticket online from the best lottery sites like , and find out if it's your turn for the lucky numbers to come up! Read more here on what are the most likely numbers to win the lottery.

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