UK Couple Get Million Pound Boost Ahead Of Their Wedding

Some people might decide against playing the lottery when they have only £11.52 in their bank account and just £10 in their pocket, fortunately for Jackie Murphy she isn’t one of those people. The 61-year old care worker from Shrewsbury in the UK took a chance by buying a ticket for the UK Lottery and she's now £1 Million richer as a result.

The timing of Murphy’s win couldn’t have come at a better time for her as she is set to get married next month. And despite being £1 Million better off, she has no plans to change her wedding plans. Jackie still intends to walk down the aisle with her 54-year old fiancé John Potter wearing her dress and sandals which she bought from a Tesco sale.

An ecstatic Murphy told the local press, “I earn the minimum wage as a carer. It takes me an hour to earn gross the cost of the ticket so it isn’t something I buy frequently. I don’t know why I decided to last Saturday. We won’t be splashing out on things but we will be able to be a bit more secure.” Potter who works as a scaffolder needed some convincing from his fiancée that they were now millionaires. Murphy explained adding “I asked him to come home as soon as possible but he said he couldn’t as he hadn’t patched the hole in the roof. I told him I had won £1million but he didn’t believe me. I then panicked because I thought about the fact he was on a roof and asked the shop manager to speak to him. Needless to say everything was fine. Since winning on Saturday we have both lost about half a stone each in weight as we have just been too excited to eat.” Murphy and Potter, who have been together for the past 10 years, had been preparing their wedding for the last month and the only change they are making to their wedding plans is that there will now be a free bar for all the guests. Whilst they do have plans to take a holiday with their winnings, the couple won’t be moving house mainly due to the large array of animals they own which includes a pony, dogs and more than 20 chickens.

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