Cabbie Wins Lottery After Forgetting Sons Birthday

UK cab driver Murray McKenzie, like 40% of other lottery players, chooses his weekly lottery numbers according to birthdays in his family. Whilst the 63-year old might not have the best memory, his dodgy memory led to him scooping an impressive £215,000 win on the EuroMillions lottery.

The Cambridge resident had been selecting the number 13 as part of his weekly lottery numbers two years ago instead of 12, the date that his son Thomas was actually born. Even after realising his mistake, McKenzie continued to use the number 13 for luck and it paid off to the tune of £215,000 in October’s EuroMillionsdraw.

Murray explained to the local press when collecting his prize, “I always got my kids’ birthdays wrong - it’s a dad thing. I’m not usually forgetful but I am starting to have to write things down in my old age. I suddenly realised I’d been putting the wrong number down the whole time, but by then I always used the same numbers and I felt it was fate to use it. It turns out I was right - it’s lucky number 13. I did have to apologise to Thomas afterwards though.”

McKenzie, whose wife Pat is a hairdresser, is also a father to his 40-year old daughter Katie and has four grandchildren. The cab driver won’t be quitting his job and plans to keep living a modest life despite his win, he told reporters: “I enjoy my job too much to stop working, but I’ll probably take my foot off the pedal by doing fewer hours. We don’t want to drive fast cars or move to a bigger house, we are very content with what we have, but it’s going to give us so much freedom and peace of mind.”

“With two children, four grandchildren and another on the way, being able to work a little less and spend more time with them is going to be amazing. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I had the wrong date for my son’s birthday but with £215,228.30 now in the family coffers, I think he’s prepared to forgive me.”

Are you part of the 40% of people who use family birthdays to select your lottery numbers? Or do you have your own method for selecting your winning numbers? Put your method to the test in this week's enormous USA MegaMillions draw!

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