Improve Your Winning Chances With This Week's Most Popular Lotto Numbers

Lotto players from around the world improve their chances at winning by using patterns that emerge in the different lotto drawings, like which numbers are coming up most often.

People use all kinds of strategies when playing the lottery; they use birthdays as lucky numbers, all odd or even numbers, or will only ever use the super quick-pick option. But the most successful technique is noticing the patterns in recently drawn lotto numbers and using that to your advantage. In fact, it is estimated that using lotto numbers that appear in a frequently drawn pattern can improve you winning chances by as much as 50%

Here are this week's most frequently drawn numbers taken from some of the world's biggest and best lotteries with a combined jackpot amount of over $300 million!

40 - 4 times

16 - 4 times

14 - 3 times

26 - 3 times

03 - 3 times

40 - 2 times

44 - 2 times

41 - 2 times


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