Make Your Reservations For The Most Luxurious Hotels Of The Future

If you're banking on a big lotto win to change your future, we've got fantastic news for you - it'll do that and then some. In fact, it'll open you up to a whole new world as well - that's if our designers and innovators have anything to say about it. We know you're looking forward to splashing out on indulgences like expensive houses and cars, first-class travel and five star hotels, but we have to tell you you're jumping the gun a little. That's because the hotels most worth spending your millions on haven't even been built yet!

That's right - as we speak the world's top architects are busy planning and conceptualising the most lavish, the most extravagant and the most futuristic hotels any of us have ever seen! And trust us when we say you're going to need every cent of your lotto millions to stay in one of these engineering marvels when they finally come to fruition:

Lofoten Opera Hotel, Norway

Alright so this hotel won't be built that much into the future - in fact it's due to be opened this year. Positioned against the dramatic background of the Norwegian mountains, the Lofoten Opera Hotel will span a massive 11,000 square metres, and will incorporate a series of hotels and apartments, as well as facilities such as a spa, amphitheatre, and a range of sporting venues - all laid out within its sleek curved design.

Lofoten Opera Hotel Norway

Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles

Here's one moviegoers will love - the chance to stay in the Hollywood sign above Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. Yes, THAT Hollywood sign. A Danish architect after our own silver screen hearts, Christian Bay-Jorgensen is planning to renovate Tinseltown's most iconic sign into a luxurious high rise hotel, with panoramic views of the city below. While it sounds like a glorious idea, we're almost certain a night there would cost more than the average cinema ticket price.

Hollywood Hotel Los Angeles

Unbalance Hotel, Peru

If you suffer from vertigo, this might be an uncomfortable experience for you - considering that the plans for Peru's Unbalance Hotel resemble a mirror tilting on its side over the edge of a cliff! Of course the advantage to such an unusual structure is the breathtaking, uninterrupted view of the landscape below - you just might need to be somewhat of an adrenaline junkie to enjoy it!

Unbalance Hotel Peru

Poseidon Hotel, Fiji

Now this is truly the stuff that dreams are made of - and science fiction novels too. The Poseidon Hotel in Fiji is set to be no ordinary hotel - in fact, it's being built as a completely underwater resort! It's the Lost City of Atlantis, now reimagined as a luxury hotel. With plans for 25 suites, restaurants, bars, a gym and a wedding chapel, the Poseidon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will have to be seen to be believed - which you can do by paying the $14,000 per night price tag, and accessing the hotel via a specially designed lift from the mainland. Pack light - it seems a swimming costume is all you'll need!

Poseidon Hotel Fiji

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