Will You Win The Lottery In 2021 According To Your Zodiac or Star Sign?

With 2020 officially being the Worst Year Ever™ for a lot of people, we’re looking forward to starting 2021 with a positive attitude and pockets full of cash! Let’s see what this year’s Zodiac and Horoscope predictions say about you winning the lottery.

Update: we're a few months into 2021 and there have already been a few ups and downs. If you're not entirely sure how you should be playing the lotto this year, check back on the will you win the lottery in 2020 according to your zodiac to get more winning advice from the stars!

Oh and if you needed one more sign that this year is going to be big for lottery players then here it is. At the time of writing two of the world’s biggest lotteries, the USA Powerball and the Mega Millions, are on track to breaking their jackpot records.

The USA Powerball jackpot is currently at $750 million!

The Mega Millions jackpot is currently at $640 million!

You don’t need to be able to read the signs to know that this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in these lotteries while both jackpots are this big. Play now and kickstart your year with two of the biggest lottery draws ever!

Find your star sign on the Zodiac below and see which lottery games you should play this year, when exactly you should play your tickets, how many tickets you should play and if this year is going to be luckier than 2020. We wish all our players the best and may the stars point you toward fortune and luck!

Aries Lottery Predictions For 2021

So like most people, 2020 has proven to be one of your most challenging ever; and you had to get really honest when it came to secrets with family and friends. And we’re happy to say you can put that vulnerability behind you and take a BIG chance early in the year when Venus, which is your Money Sector, will pass early in the year bringing you excesses of luck and money.

We say be bold and play big early in 2021 when you see those bold jackpots! Get as many tickets as you can in single draws, stand back and wait for your win.

Best days to play the lottery in 2021 for Aries: Friday, Saturday

Lucky numbers to play for Aries in 2021: 02, 34, 55, 56

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Aries: USA Powerball, Mega Millions, Irish Lotto

Taurus Lottery Predictions For 2021

So you’re generally good with money, and 2020 didn’t necessarily hit your pockets as hard as so of your closest friends and family, but you being you; you’re still not happy. Mercury, your Money Sector ruler, will be in retrograde for the months of June, July and September. So play different lucky number sets, or new lottery games around those months.

Sit back, enjoy playing the lottery and don’t be so hard on yourself. With your bullish determination you’re going to top your successes of 2020!

Best days to play the lottery 2021 for Taurus: Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play for Taurus in 2021: 49, 30, 45, 12, 13, 19

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Taurus: USA Powerball, Cash4Life, Mega Millions

Cancer Lottery Predictions For 2021

2021 is going to be a BIG shift for you! 2020 is already a distant memory and you’re focused and determined to make this year one of your best ever. Take special care to relieve stress and don’t get overwhelmed and this year is going to be head and shoulders above 2020.

Take note of when your Money Sector Jupiter goes into retrograde in November, but otherwise stretch your lottery playing between now and then and see your luck and wealth start growing! Stick to European lotteries and raffles this year.

Lucky days to play the lottery in 2021 for Cancer: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play for Cancer in 2021: 02, 11, 40, 42, 50

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Cancer: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, El Gordo

Gemini Lottery Prediction For 2021

Money has always been a means to an end for you, and not necessarily one to concentrate on the details on how you’d get that money. And this is exactly why you love playing the lottery so much! Choose your lottery game, pick your lucky numbers and wait to win: that’s always been your approach.

Stick to your usual lucky numbers and keep the majority of your playing between April - October. This is because your Money Sector of Mercury will go into a very deep retrograde until April.

Best days to play the lottery for Gemini in 2021: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucky numbers to play for Gemini in 2021: 07, 12, 14, 28

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Gemini: Mega Millions, EuroJackpot

Leo Lottery Predictions For 2021

This is the year that the world needs to stand back and hear you ROAR! You’re taking that familiar Leo courage and meeting this year head on. Keep an extra special look at Mercury over the course of the year as retrograde will fall in June, July, October and December.

Other than that 2021 looks to be a big improvement on last year. We recommend that you stick to our usual lucky numbers and lottos, but keep an eye out for signs on if you should change your playing strategy during the months of retrograde.

Best days to play the lottery in 2021 for Leo: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky numbers to play for Leo in 2021: 22, 23, 40, 50

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Leo: Mega Millions, USA Powerball, Cash4Life

Virgo Lottery Prediction For 2021

As the healer Zodiac you undoubtedly spent most of your 2020 looking out for others. We say you take reigns and map your own path this year, and the good news is that you will have luck on your side. February, March and April are your luckiest, but with very little retrograde for Venus this year, you could play tickets any time of the year and still feel very lucky.

Why don’t you shake things up a bit this year and try a lottery you haven’t played before? If you don’t start seeing any big wins by October you may want to change a few of your lucky numbers for 2021 too.

Lucky days to play the lottery for Virgo in 2021: Mondays, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Lucky numbers to play for Virgo in 2021: 12,19,45,48

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Virgo: Irish Lotto, France Loto, SuperEnaLotto

Sagittarius Lottery Prediction For 2021

So 2020 may have been an extra big challenge for you, but we recommend that you keep your head up and try lottery games with better winning odds over bigger jackpots. Because your Money Sector of Saturn has just come off a deep retrograde in December things are going to be looking up early this year.

It’s uncertain if this year will bring that life-changing jackpot, but keep playing sensibly and you’ll still be able to come out making a profit playing the lottery.

Lucky days to play the lottery in 2021 for Sagittarius: Saturday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play for Sagittarius in 2021: 11, 23, 29, 32, 43

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Sagittarius: Irish Lotto, France Loto, UK Lotto

Libra Lottery Prediction For 2021

Last year saw you cut very ties with people, jobs or relationships that you saw as holding you back. Keep this energy going into 2021 and you’re liable to drop the last of the dead weight holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Jupiter and Saturn start new solar cycles in your Money Sector early this year and holds strong till late November. This bodes well for your luck, and in turn could finally bring those big multi-million lottery prizes you’ve been waiting for.

Lucky days to play the lottery for Libra in 2021: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play for Libra in 2021: 12, 18, 23, 29, 35, 39

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Libra: France Loto, EuroMillions, Mega Millions

Scorpio Lottery Prediction For 2021

2020 saw you sticking to your guns and hoping for big changes to come in 2021. Well we’re happy to report that your resilience last year will be rewarded with a single major chance in your life. Will this be the year you get to claim that life-changing jackpot?

Saturn dips in retrograde in mid-May for around three weeks. Play cautiously during this time, but otherwise go big with all of your favourite lotteries!

Lucky days to play the lottery for Scorpio in 2021: Everyday

Lucky numbers to play for Scorpio in 2021: 12, 34, 43, 45

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Scorpio: USA Powerball, El Gordo, SuperEnaLotto

Capricorn Lottery Prediction For 2021

After all the trials and tribulations of 2020 you deserve to sit and catch your breath, but not for too long. Your Money Sector of Mercury will be passing between two moons in the middle of this year, an event that signals luck, prosperity and newfound wealth.

During this time it’s important that you buy lottery tickets spread over as many games as possible. Don’t worry about the jackpots, just play in as many lotteries as you can!

Lucky days to play the lottery in 2021 for Capricorn: Everyday

Lucky numbers to play for in 2021 for Capricorn: 12, 13, 40, 41

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Capricorn: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, USA Powerball, Cash4Life

Pisces Lottery Prediction For 2021

In 2021 your financial prospects are a little uncertain because Venus and Saturn will be in retrograde from June until November. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be overly cautious, only that you may want to be conservative.

In terms of playing the lottery, we recommend that you play tickets evenly over the year. And not play a large number of tickets in any one draw.

Lucky days to play the lottery for Pisces in 2021: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Lucky numbers to play for Pisces in 2021: 02, 14, 22, 24, 30

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Pisces: Any lottery

Aquarius Lottery Prediction For 2021

Even though 2020 was promised to be your year, the universe obviously has other plans. Take the positivity that you had early last year and use it to manifest the rewards that you so just deserve.

There are no major retrogrades for your sign this year so play confidently and play big. American lotteries boast the biggest jackpots, so play tickets in these whenever you feel like it.

Lucky days to play the lottery for Aquarius in 2021: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Lucky numbers to play for Aquarius in 2021: 08, 12, 36, 39

Best lotteries to play in 2021 for Aquarius: USA Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life

Which Zodiac Is The Luckiest In 2021?

Each year the stars and planets align themselves differently, bringing new fortunes and favours for each sign. Retrogrades and Money Sectors are the main contributing factors when it comes to Horoscopes and the lotteries, so keep an eye on these.

So which zodiac is the luckiest in 2021?

This year sees a draw between Leo and Cancer for the luckiest signs for 2021. Both of these zodiac signs have their Money Sector planets moving in very favourable patterns. If your sign is either Leo or Cancer this might be your luckiest year playing the lottery ever!

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