You wouldn't believe how many lottery stories come past our desk every day - tales of lottery winners, lottery losers, players who miss out on claiming their jackpots, players who claim their jackpots just in the nick of time, players who lose their entire fortune, and players who go on to make their fortunes last a lifetime and then some. If there's a lottery story out there, chances are we've heard it before, told seven different ways. Of course that doesn't make it any less interesting - it simply means that when we read a lottery story slightly out of the ordinary, it makes it stand out from the pack and grab our attention immediately.

Like the stories of these lottery winners. We've heard some weird and wonderful lottery tales in our time, but these take the prize-winning cake:

The death-defying lottery winner

frane selak

Born in Croatia in 1929, Frane Selak was a man with a knack for making lucky escapes. For 35 years, this daredevil managed to cheat death numerous times, escaping from a derailed train, a doorless airplane, a bus crash, a burning car, a bus accident, and an out-of-control vehicle that careened off the edge of a cliff! Some might call Selak the unluckiest man in the world, but after winning $1 million in the Croatian lottery in 2003 he soon became known as one of the luckiest - a title that he himself prefers. Just a tip from us though - if you ever find yourself travelling with a passenger named Frane Selak, it may be wise to get off at the next stop.

The dishonest lottery winner


It seems that when Arnim Ramdass married his wife Donna Campbell, he didn't pay too much attention to the "for richer, for poorer" part of his vows - because when he won the lottery as part of a syndicate in Florida, 2007, he hid the $600,000 win from her and disappeared. In fact, Campbell only found out about the win after Googling her husband when she became suspicious of his actions prior to his taking a leave of absence from work shortly before his disappearance. He remains at large (and probably living large too) till this day, but we have to wonder - wouldn't it have been less effort simply to share the winnings with his wife?

The twice-as-lucky lottery winner


It's a known fact that old age brings with it the tendency to forget - but this mistake is one that Derek Ladner will want to remember! After buying his usual lottery ticket for a 2007 draw, Ladner was astonished to find that he had won a share of the £2,395,710 jackpot along with five other winners. But later in the week he was even more surprised to realise he had bought an identical ticket for the same draw and forgotten about it - making his share double what he had originally won. Thanks to his absent-mindedness, Ladner and his wife Dawn walked off with a sizable £958,284, and a winning rebuttal for any jokes about forgetfulness.

We'll be bringing you even more tales of wacky lottery high jinks over the coming days, but the crazy lottery story we'd most like to tell is yours - how you bought a ticket online with and made all your dreams of luxury come true with a few lucky numbers. Help us tell that story today by buying your ticket in time for our next lottery draw, and making headlines with your insanely awesome multi-million lottery win!

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