25 Reasons Why it’s Better and Safer to Play Lotteries Online

One of the great things about the internet age is that you no longer need to travel to get the things you want. In this age, groceries come to you – you don’t need to travel to the grocery store and spend the time finding a parking spot, walking up and down the aisles to find everything you need, going through the busy cashier line-up, carting your groceries home, and lugging them in the door, and all of it could happen during a snowstorm, rainstorm, or in the blasting sunshine, depending where you live.

But thanks to the internet, you can simply order everything you want online and the next day, a smiling person arrives with whatever you ordered. Stress free is good for you!

It’s even easier to play the lotto online – and safer too!

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Let’s make a list of the reasons millions of people buy lottery tickets online:

1. You don’t need to leave your home to purchase lotto tickets. Simply log-in to Giant Lottos and buy your tickets online in mere moments.

2. Never miss a draw. Getting stuck in traffic will no longer get in the way of you buying your weekly lotto ticket.

3. Buy online -- get paid online. Giant Lottos not only allows you to securely pay for your tickets, we can also automatically deposit your winnings in your bank account.

4. Keep track of all your lotto ticket purchases from your Giant Lottos account. That means never spending more than you originally intended, and we can remind you to buy your tickets in time for the next draw.

5. Few people get robbed in their own homes, but getting robbed at convenience stores is relatively common – depending on the country you live in, the time of day, and other factors. It’s safer to play the lotto from home.

6. Never forget your lucky numbers again! You can keep them handy in your profile section.

7. Giant Lottos allows you to purchase tickets on a subscription basis, where you can enter your lucky numbers for multiple draws. Giant Lottos offer a month-to-month subscription service for our players.

8. Never lose your winning ticket. People have lost millions of dollars because they put their jeans in the washing machine, only to find out later that their winning lotto ticket went through the laundry process, with the result that the lotto ticket became an unreadable lump of paper pulp. Or, a person could simply misplace their ticket and never find it in time to claim their prize.

9. Giant Lottos allow you to not only pay for tickets using your credit card, but will automatically credit your Giant Lottos account (instead of your bank account) when you win. How convenient and a super convenient way to play the lottery!

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10. Two billion dollars’ worth of small prizes go unclaimed every year, simply because it’s too much hassle to claim those small prizes or winning tickets actually expire after a certain time frame if not claimed. When you play using Giant Lottos, your wins are automatically credited to you.

11. You can buy lotto tickets from almost anywhere online. Brick and mortar stores can’t carry lotto tickets from every country in the world, while Giant Lottos can sell tickets from a variety of international lotteries online.

12. Some online resellers allow you to divert a percentage of your winnings towards charity. In fact, some religious groups require people to divert 2.5% to 10% of their income towards charitable purposes, which is called ‘tithing’. If you win, you are automatically doing a good deed for others, and fulfilling your church membership requirements.

13. Stay informed. Giant Lottos offers regular news and other content to keep you informed of new lottery product lines, better ways to play, and showing you our latest winners.

14. Play new games that were previously unavailable to you, Giant Lottos will keep you informed about own new lottery products, giving you the best chance to win.

15. You can easily become part of a group play with your entire family, for instance, or a group play with co-workers who may be located in cities all over the world if you work for a large corporation. In fact, you can choose anyone who agrees to group purchase lotto tickets with you, and the sharing of proceeds is done automatically by the online reseller.

16. We at Giant Lottos offer huge volumes of useful advice on how you can improve your chances of hitting the jackpot. We want you to win!

17. Privacy is a top priority to us. Giant Lottos keeps the personal information of all our players safe. How often you play, the numbers you choose to play, or how much you spend, is your business.

18. Proving that winning ticket is, in fact, yours. With online play, your online receipt and online account are all the proof you need. No one can accuse you of simply finding a lost or discarded ticket on the ground near a convenience store, for example.

19. Your mobile phone can handle all your online lottery ticket transactions, and can keep you fully informed about your winnings. Imagine getting a text message at work, telling you that you’ve just won the jackpot! “Boss, I’ll be away for a few days.”

20. Giant Lottos offer our players various Bonus incentives. These include a complimentary ticket after purchasing twenty tickets, and a 20% play bonus when you recharge your account for more than $/£/€100.

21. Take part in Bundle Play. This is an option where the player can purchase bulk tickets for lotteries up to four weeks in advance. Giant Lottos also offer our players certain discounts on Bundle Play packages.

22. Play for free when referring a friend. Every time a friend signs up or recharges their account we will credit you with £30 in bonus credits, and you'll get 1% of their jackpot winnings!

23. Giant Lottos offer our players a bulk mailer that you can tailor to their own playing style, helping you keep record of which lotteries you have taken part in.

24. Get detailed reports showing you results from lotteries, raffles, affiliates and syndicates. These help our players get a better understanding of which lotteries are paying out the most and how many ways the jackpots have been split.

25. New players get a 100% back welcome bonus, if you recharge your account within 7 days of registration we'll match your initial deposit and double your chances of hitting those huge jackpots.

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