There may have been more Mega Millions lotto rollovers than wins of late, but one Mega Millions jackpot that's worth writing home about is the recent $58 million win - and not simply because of the amount of money involved, but the amount of people involved too. That's because this huge jackpot wasn't just won by one person, it was won by 16 - and each one of them is grinning from ear to ear about it!

That's right, the Lucky 16 Trust from Manhattan, New York, is now lucky in name and in nature after scooping a massive $58 million lotto win - the result of clever strategy, dedication, and belief that their lotto investment would one day pay off. It's taken five years, but now that every member is $1.65 million richer, it's been worth every penny!

Lucky 16 become winning 16 with $58 million lotto jackpot

Lotto syndicates have long been a proven way of winning the lottery, particularly for those looking to spread the risk and the cost of playing the lottery. Now a US syndicate from the state of New York has proven the theory once again - being part of a syndicate pays!

That's exactly what this group of 16 employees from a biotech company in Manhattan found when their most recent lotto ticket came up trumps in a lottery draw. And not just any draw - a $58 million Mega Millions draw! As you would expect, the group first didn't believe their luck, checking, double-checking and triple-checking to make absolutely sure their celebrations weren't in vain. But after going through their ticket with a fine tooth comb, the realisation finally struck - they were winners!

winning lottery syndicate lucky 16 trust

It couldn't have come at a better time - because after having played together as a group since 2010, the "Lucky 16 Trust", as they call themselves, were due for a win. Made up of 16 residents of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, as well as members from New Jersey and California, the syndicate had developed a unique style of lotto playing over the years - each contributing $4 to the pot every week, and then taking turns in purchasing tickets from different stores.

It's a system that today has paid huge dividends for the syndicate, in the amount of a lump sum cash payment of $38,334,435 which will be split amongst the group equally, with each member receiving $1.65 million after tax. And as for what the winners plan on doing with their share of the jackpot? Paying off school loans, settling mortgages, planning for retirement - and we hope some much-dreamed-of luxury purchases as well!

Join your own lotto syndicate today!

It doesn't take the Lucky 16 Trust to bring the message home - we've known for years that being part of a syndicate can be a hugely profitable approach to playing the lotto. Statistically, one in every four lotto jackpots is won by a syndicate, which is a hugely encouraging number - particularly if you have a group of friends, family or colleagues keen on playing the lotto with you.

If you do decide to throw your fortunes in with a syndicate, has a range of syndicate options available to you, from play in the Mega Millions, Powerball and EuroMillions lotteries, to syndicate exclusives like the MegaPower and DoubleEuro options, with billions in jackpot winnings up for grabs.

So don't miss out on the huge winning opportunities ready and waiting for you! Put together your own lotto syndicate with today, and look forward to raking in huge jackpot prizes as part of a top winning team!

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