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28 April 2015


A EuroMillions lotto ticket from costs just £4, but if you're lucky enough to match all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, it could be worth a whole lot more - like a jackpot big enough to realise your wildest dreams!

In fact, playing the EuroMillions lotto is so rewarding, you don't even have to match all seven total numbers to win a life-changing amount. Just ask one of the EuroMillions' recent winners - a woman from Cork who managed to scoop half a million Euros with her lucky ticket!

Why buy an ice cream when you can win the lotto instead?

After buying her ticket from a local post office in Ireland, the lucky EuroMillions winner, who prefers to remain anonymous, then proceeded to leave her ticket in her press for a staggering six weeks after the draw. Unaware that her €3 Quick Pick ticket had since skyrocketed in value, she randomly checked her ticket numbers one day while grocery shopping, and was shocked to discover the ticket's worth.


"I never check my tickets on the night of the draw. I check them when I remember", she says. "I found the ticket in my press last week and brought it with me to check when I was doing the shopping. When I scanned the ticket it said to contact the National Lottery, so I wasn’t sure what I’d won. I couldn’t believe it when I was told it was half a million!”

What we can't believe is how her lotto ticket purchase came about in the first place - as the direct result of having a sweet tooth, of all things. She explains: "It was a warm day and I fancied a cone. But it was too early in the year to get one, so I bought a EuroMillions ticket instead!" We love ourselves some ice cream, but we'd take a half-million Euro prize over a soft serve any day!

Online EuroMillions lotto ticket worth £500,000

Another spell of EuroMillions lotto magic came to an online lottery winner recently, again in the form of a half-million pound prize. This time, thanks to the efficiency of his lotto ticket provider, the anonymous winner received an email notification, informing him of his good luck.

"I got an email to say there was exciting news", he says. "When I saw all those noughts and realised I’d won half a million, I was skeptical! I thought, I’ll not believe it until I have the cheque in my hand. I’ll use some to pay off the mortgage and bills and perhaps upgrade the car. The rest will be used as a nest egg."

Buy your EuroMillions tickets today with

If you buy your EuroMillions lotto ticket from right now, just think of how much it could increase in value in just a few hours' time! Right now it's worth a mere £4, but by the time of tonight's EuroMillions lotto draw, it could be worth a massive £10 million in jackpot winnings!

If you want to pack all those zeroes into your bank account, there's only one way to do it. Buy your lotto ticket online with while there's still time, and make your play for jackpot greatness today!

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