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15 December 2014


You always read about the lottery results making someone somewhere rich beyond their wildest dreams. But what if this coming Tuesday that was you? Think about it - you buy a lottery ticket online, you sit and you watch the lottery results coming in, and lo and behold every one of those balls matches a number you chose on your ticket! And if you play the EuroMillions this Tuesday, matching all those numbers means you'll walk off with a massive £30 million, just in time for your best Christmas ever!

Just think about it - £30 million. It's almost too much money to contemplate. But you'll have to start thinking about it soon, because that's exactly what's up for grabs at Tuesday's EuroMillions draw, as for the third consecutive time, the grand prize jackpot has gone unclaimed! That's right, the £25 million that was on offer rolled past all those who entered, and has now snowballed its way to a gigantic £30 million in time for the next mid-week draw. And with Christmas on its way next week, that giant jackpot has come not a moment too soon!

Matching five balls and two Lucky Stars is what it took to win Friday's £25 million, but unfortunately finding 2, 15, 28, 31, 37, and 4 and 6 was a step too far for everyone who took part, and the jackpot remained untouched. More for all the players next time round, that's for sure, thanks to the extra £5 million that's been added to the pot as a result.

Not everyone walked away empty-handed though - three lucky players were able to get closer than anyone else by matching five numbers and one Lucky Star, their efforts netting them a cool £381,582.80. Not bad - not bad at all! Seven players took home £54,511.80 from the next tier, and 71 players walked off with a very decent £2,687.20. So while there was no-one jumping out of their seat and screaming riotously at having won the jackpot, there were definitely some very satisfied smiles after Friday's draw.

Now, for Tuesday's draw. You'll need to buy a lottery ticket online from, and you'll need to do it fast. Keep in mind that the more you play, the more chance you have of winning. Seven numbers is all we're looking for here - seven numbers and you could soon be trampolining off your couch with exhilaration once you realise that £30 million is yours!

What would you even do with that amount of money? There's Christmas to think of, sure - a fabulous tree and decorations, a gourmet Christmas meal, piles of presents and maybe even a trip away to an exotic location. But what would you do when you got back? Quit your job perhaps, or open up that side business you always wanted? Pay off all your debts and invest it like a wise person? Or go completely mad buying villas and supercars and designer clothing, oh my? (Not to influence you in any way, but if you were to go for option 2, there's a fabulous Bentley we've had our eye on for a while...).

There's no time like the present to start dreaming, but if you want to start winning, you'll need to buy a lottery ticket online now from Make your dreams come true this Christmas with and EuroMillions, and start looking forward to that ultimate jackpot today!





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