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18 August 2015

Top Party Spots For The Young And Fabulously Wealthy!

How often have you dreamed about winning the lottery, then calling into work to quit your job and never come back? If you're anything like us, that's become part of your daily fantasy - leaving all your cares and woes behind and travelling the world with your friends on one non-stop party tour! There are some lotto winners out there who've done it, and by all accounts, it's a blast!

But where to go on your party-cation? The world is brimming with hotspots and party capitals, and you don't want to waste time travelling somewhere boring or less than fantastic. Luckily our party scouts are on the case, so as soon as you hit your life-changing EuroMillions jackpot, you'll know exactly where to start celebrating:


You knew it was going to be on here! It might be a party cliché but it's one for a reason - because season after season Ibiza delivers the kind of parties that make travelling the globe worthwhile and then some. No matter what type of party you're up for, whether it's on the beach, a yacht, by a pool, during the day or at night, Ibiza has just the type of fun you’re looking for, 24/7/365! Party on the beach, in one of the super-clubs with a 10,000-person capacity, or keep it simple in a restaurant or bar - the choice is yours.



Difficult to pronounce but oh so easy to enjoy, the Croatian island of Hvar is where you'll find anybody who's anybody this summer - which is exactly why you need to get there as soon as possible! This jewel of an island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea is the perfect beachside backdrop to non-stop excitement, most notably at famous clubs like Carpe Diem, Hula Hula, Kiva and Veneranda. Whatever you do, take a lot of pictures, because something tells us you won't remember much once the party starts!



If you're looking for 24-hour clubbing, start your search in Berlin, one of the world's known party capitals. Set the night alight to the throbbing rhythms of trance, techno and deep house, and emerge 48 hours later in time for a rib-sticking breakfast with all the trimmings.


Tel Aviv

You might not consider Israel to have the most hip and happening party scene, but you'd be mistaken - in fact Tel Aviv boasts one of the world's most adrenaline-fuelled clubscapes, with partygoers often revelling till 6am, then going to work straight afterwards. Like a boss! Take your pick of action-packed bars, restaurants, clubs and markets, and get ready for a Middle Eastern party experience you'll remember for years to come!  

Tel Aviv 

If the travel bug is ready to bite and your bags are itching to be packed, there's only one thing to do - buy your lottery tickets now for the mid-week and weekend draws. The clubs and bars are already setting up for tonight's party, and the sooner you can join in the excitement, the better! Let us know in the comments below if you think we should've included any other spots or tell us where the best party you've ever been to was.

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