When we dream about winning the lottery, it's one luxurious upgrade after the next. A house becomes a mansion. A car becomes a luxury vehicle. A wardrobe becomes a designer collection. And a simple dinner becomes champagne, lobster and caviar.

If you're the type of person who drools over a gourmet menu, who watches cooking shows voraciously, and has a bucket list filled with visits to the world's best restaurants (The Fat Duck, anyone?), then you're bound to be tempted by the thought of a lottery win. Think of it - days spent savouring delicacies like truffles, Kobe beef, sea urchin and more, all washed down with the finest wines and real French champagnes. The sky's the limit, and the bill's no problem - which is why if you become the next winner, you can look forward to feasting on some of the world's most expensive food items, such as:

Wagyu ribeye steak - $2,800

Wagyu ribeye steak

Some people call it Wagyu, some people call it Kobe - we call it one of the most expensive steaks in the world! At $2,800 this isn't a meal you'd find in your run-of-the-mill steakhouse - instead it comes directly from Japan, where the cows that produce it are fed beer and massaged professionally every day. Over the top, yes, but then all that TLC results in what is literally the world's most tender, most juicy cut of beef. And now we're hungry just thinking about it.

Samundari Khazana - $3,200


Do you like seafood? Do you like it enough to spend $3,200 on a plate of it? Because if you order the Samundari Khazana seafood curry, that's exactly what you'll pay for it. Granted, it's a plate full of delicacies and indulgence, featuring a whole lobster smothered in snails, caviar and edible gold, so perhaps it is worth its inflated price tag. Of course, you'll have to order it first to find out.

Pizza Royale 007 - $4,200


We all know traditional pizza - doughy base, cheese, tomato sauce, delicious toppings. How much more expensive could a gourmet one really be? Turns out, very - that is, if you're ordering the Pizza Royale 007, which was made as a once-off item and auctioned for a whopping $4,200! Picture it - 12 inches of base covered in cognac-marinated lobster, champagne-soaked caviar, prosciutto, smoked salmon and venison, and topped with real gold leaf. If your tastebuds are tingling, it might be time to save up for a slice.

Italian White Alba Truffle - $160,406

Italian White Alba Truffle

If pizzas and curries and steaks are mere child's play for your palate, why not skip right to the top of the list and spend your lottery winnings on one of the most, if not the most expensive foods in the entire world? That would be the Italian White Alba Truffle, a small mushroom with a huge price tag of over $160,000! Found only on the hills of Tuscany, these tiny fungi are among some of the rarest and tastiest on the planet - so it's no surprise that fervent foodies pull out their chequebooks when it comes time to buy. If you're an epicure with a taste for the extraordinary, this is one indulgence you'll want to savour at any cost.

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