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21 May 2015


If you're looking to play the lotto online, you can't wrong with the EuroMillions lottery! One of Europe's most popular international lotteries, the EuroMillions takes bets not just from countries across the continent, but online as well. What's more, with a maximum jackpot amount of €190 million, the winning opportunities are almost limitless! So play the lotto online with EuroMillions today, and look forward to reaping huge rewards tomorrow!

Your mid-week EuroMillions lottery results

Of course, if you've already played the EuroMillions lotto online with this week, you'll know just how many prizes Tuesday evening's draw paid out. With over €21million up for grabs, there were more than a few online lottery players with entries into the draw, hoping to strike it rich with a winning number combination.

euromillions tickets

However, EuroMillions lotto fans struck out last night when the main numbers 26, 30, 31, 35 and 37, and the Lucky Star numbers 08 and 11 were drawn. That doesn't mean everyone went home empty-handed though - as four players were lucky enough to match five numbers and one Lucky Star for a €243,341 second tier win, while six other tickets matched five main numbers for a £41,664 win. What's more, a further 1.35 million tickets managed to rake in a cash prize in the lower jackpot prize tiers, going to show that when you play the EuroMillions lottery online, there's a good chance that you'll walk off a winner!

While last night's EuroMillions draw might not have made any new millionaires, at we love rollovers - because that just means there's more money to play for next time round. It's certainly true for the weekend EuroMillions draw, because this Friday night there's an even bigger jackpot of £22 million going begging, and you could be the lucky player to claim it! All you have to do is play the lotto online with, and that huge rollover jackpot could soon be yours!

Play the EuroMillions Superdraw lotto online

Want to hear even more EuroMillions lotto good news? Then you'll love this - because the next EuroMillions Superdraw date has been announced! If you've never played the EuroMillions Superdraw lotto online before, then on 5 June 2015 you're in for a real treat - in the amount of a €100 million guaranteed jackpot!

That's what makes the EuroMillions Superdraws so special - they're not held frequently, but when they are, EuroMillions players all over the world flock to the draws in excitement. So would we, with a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million up for grabs! What's more, if no-one claims the Superdraw jackpot on the night, it rolls over to the following draw, giving you even more of a bumper jackpot to play for! The first EuroMillions Superdraw of 2015 took place on 6 March, and was immediately snapped up by a lucky player from Portugal. Play in the second draw of the year on 5 June, and you too could be in the money, to the tune of a massive €100 million!

So don't miss out - play the EuroMillions lotto online with for your chance to be a winner, and make your play for multi-million winnings today!

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