The New Generation Of Billionaires - Young, Wealthy And Under 40

We all dream of having our bank accounts bumped up with six or seven zeroes - that's what lottery jackpots are for, after all! But it just so happens that there's a generation of billionaires under the age of 40 who didn't have to make their fortunes picking lucky numbers - instead, they started with an idea and grew it into billion-dollar company, giving them all the time in the world to relax, retire, and enjoy the fruits of their hard-won labours.

While we're not giving up on the idea of following in their footsteps, right now a lotto jackpot seems more up our alley - although that doesn't mean we're not wildly impressed by self-starters like:

Jack Dorsey (37) - $2.3 billion

You may not recognise Jack Dorsey's name, but you spend half your day on the product he created - a little site known as Twitter. As one of the co-founders of one of the world's most popular social media sites, Dorsey is today worth an unbelievable $2.3 billion at the age of 37, and makes money with every Tweet sent. It might be worth trying to find his phone number if you're single. #justsaying

Jack Dorsey

Travis Kalanick (38) - $3 billion

Need to catch a cab in a hurry? Then you'll have Travis Kalanick to thank for providing the solution - in the form of Uber, one of the world's fastest growing online transport infrastructures. Cheap, convenient, and easy, Uber is fast becoming a global phenomenon, and the top way to get a safe ride home after a night out. Watch the meter ticking - all the way over to a net worth of $3 billion for the man in question!

Travis Kalanick

Nick Woodman (39) - $3.9 billion

Do you need to be pro to go pro? Not if Nick Woodman has anything to say about it! This young entrepreneur took the adventure industry forward in leaps and bounds with the invention of the GoPro - a device designed to record from a first person point of view, and ideal for capturing the action on any outdoor excursion, race or extreme sport. It's a mindblowing idea, and one that's responsible for many, many family videos, and many billions in Woodman's bank account.

Nick Woodman

Jan Koum (38) $7.6 billion

Does anyone actually use their cellphone to make calls anymore? Not really - and Jan Koum is partly responsible. You might not know him by name but you definitely know him by app - Whatsapp, the instant messaging service that earned CEO and co-founder Jan Koum a net worth of $7.6 billion. Today Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, who bought it out for a colossal $19 billion - all of which means that while we're texting, Koum is most likely sitting on a beach somewhere with a smile on his face, sipping Mai-Tais. Best. Job. Ever.

Jan Koum

You may not be able to design a fancy app, or come up with a tech idea worth billions - but there's still a way to fill your bank account with zeroes, and that's by partnering with! Simply buy your lottery ticket online for one of our top international draws, and you could soon be living the billionaire lifestyle without having to lift a finger - except when you want to summon the butler, of course!

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