How much is a broken lawnmower worth to you? Not much, we're guessing. Unless you're a lucky married couple from Perth, Australia, that is. That's because one broken-down piece of garden equipment ended up being worth a cool $5 million lottery jackpot - not bad for a piece of machinery!

So how did this lucky Australian duo go from being the owners of a worthless lawnmower to Perth's newest millionaires? All through the last-minute purchase of a lottery ticket, that's how!

The husband, who along with his wife, wishes to remain anonymous, explains, "I was on my way back from getting a new part for the lawnmower when I realised we didn't have a ticket for that night's draw. I passed the Padbury outlet and thought I might as well give it a go. I'm glad I did!"


The couple only realised they'd managed to scoop the first division prize when they sat down for coffee on the night of the draw and checked their ticket. And as with all big lottery winners, shock and disbelief were the order of the day. "We've been so excited and nervous that we haven't been able to sleep," he says. "I think we managed to get about one hour the first night we knew. It still feels surreal."

Surreal it may feel, but reality it is - which is why the couple already have plans in place for their unexpected windfall. "We're happy with our home but we would like to upgrade to something a bit nicer, something the wife likes," he says. "I might even get someone to do my gardening."

We're not sure if you have a broken appliance that needs fixing, but perhaps if you go online to look for a handyman, you might want to check out at the same time. Buying a ticket on the spur of the moment worked for the couple from Perth - it could work for you too, maybe even to the tune of another $5 million. Just think how many lawnmowers you could buy with that!

Choosing your lucky lottery numbers

Of course, the more lucky numbers you match, the more chance you'll have of securing a big win - particularly if you're in one of the top tiers on your own. Over the years, lottery enthusiasts have found a number of ways to improve their winning odds - and some of these tips may prove lucky for you too!

  • 13 may be lucky for some, but in the case of lotteries, hardly ever. Statistics show that the number 13 is often the least likely to come up in a draw, making it one pick to stay away from.
  • Birth dates aren't quite as lucky as you might think - in fact lottery winners hardly ever report having won a jackpot off a loved one's birthday. What's more, choosing numbers 31 and under often results in more than one winner, splitting what could have been one magnificent jackpot win. To keep it all for yourself, try going for numbers over 31, and breaking the birthday cycle.
  • While choosing a Quick Pick or random draw may seem to give you just as big a chance at the pot as anyone, Quick Pick lottery wins are rare, with jackpots more often than not going to winners who chose their own numbers. Think license plates, door numbers, room numbers, sports jerseys and so on - the choices are limitless!

Got an idea for your own personal lucky number mix? Then try it out right now! Buy your lottery ticket online from and make your bid for jackpot glory today!

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