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26 January 2015


It was a rollover extravaganza in lottery world this weekend, with not one, not two, but four huge jackpots rolling over to even bigger totals for this week's Tuesday and Wednesday draws.

But if you had a ticket for this weekend's draws, that doesn't necessarily mean you went home empty-handed, as hundreds of thousands of consolation prizes were won too, some big enough to count as a lottery jackpot themselves.

The US lotteries - plenty of big money, no big winners

Let's start by taking a look at the big guns - the multi-million dollar draws in the US that took place on Friday and Saturday night. First up, the US Mega Millions lottery, with a $20 million jewel of a jackpot on offer. Sadly the numbers 14, 15,32, 68, 72 and the Mega Ball 8 kept lottery players guessing when it came to crunch time, rolling the jackpot over to an even bigger $25 million for Tuesday night's draw.

Things were pretty much the same with the US Powerball too, with yet another rollover and no lottery jackpot winner to be found. There are two pieces of good news though: firstly, Saturday night's rollover means a gigantic $261 million jackpot for Wednesday night's draw, and secondly, although no big winner was found, nine new millionaires were made! That's right - seven states saw winners matching five numbers to take home $1 million each, while two states had winners matching five numbers with a Power Play, netting them a sweet $2 million each. Just going to show that even though you might not hit the big numbers, you can still win big money!


The UK and European lotteries - desperately seeking winners

Different continent, same result - at least for the EuroMillions and UK National Lotteries over the weekend. Friday night saw the EuroMillions jackpot going unclaimed and rolling over to £16 million, although one lucky UK player did manage a sizable win by matching five numbers for a second tier prize of £1,067,104. Seven more tickets matched five numbers to claim £50,814 each, while another 31 tickets snatched £5,737 by matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars.

Over in the UK National Lottery, things took a dramatic turn when the jackpot rolled over for a fourth time to £14.7 million. Since UK Lotto rules state that the jackpot cannot roll over more than four times, this means that the jackpot MUST be won on Wednesday night - and if no ultimate lottery winner is found, the jackpot will still be given away by being split amongst the lower tier winners. So even if you don't match all the numbers, you could still make out like a bandit!

No winnings on the weekend means even more lottery prizes during the week, particularly in the UK Lotto which looks like a must-play for lottery fans. Want to get in the game? Then you'll need to buy a ticket first, which you can do in seconds with Buy a ticket for one, or all four of this week's US, UK and European lotteries, and give yourself the best chance of seeing your bank balance skyrocket!


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