Make This Christmas A Million-Dollar One For Her

When it comes to buying gifts for the most important woman in your life, only the best will do. And if you've got millions to your name, the best is easy to come by! Make your play for a multi-million jackpot at today, and your special someone could soon be unwrapping one of these extravagant gifts come Christmas morning!

The most expensive necklace in the world

There are necklaces and then there's the most expensive creation ever made - the "Heritage in Bloom" necklace, crafted by Hong Kong master jeweller Chow Tai Fook. Designed by Wallace Chan and fashioned from a colossal 383.4-carat diamond, the necklace is a homage to Chinese heritage, featuring clusters of white and green jade, and depicting scenes and symbols of good luck from Chinese culture.

While the necklace is staggering in its innovation, with 27 different ways in which the wearer can fasten it, perhaps its most noteworthy and fascinating feature it its 104-carat diamond centrepiece, cut from the famous 507.55-carat Cullinan Heritage rough diamond. In fact, all 11,551 diamonds diamonds featured on the "Heritage in Bloom" necklace are cut from the same Cullinan Heritage rough diamond, bought by Chow Tai Fook at auction in 2010 for a massive $35 million.

Heritage in Bloom necklace

So how much will you need to shell out if you want to dazzle your loved one this Christmas? Take a deep breath - because $200 million is the price this piece is estimated to be worth. You'll have to make a strong case for it though, as currently the necklace is part of Chow Tai Fook’s private collection and not for sale - but who knows what a little persuasion and lot of lotto money could do?

The most expensive gemstone in the world

If you don't have any luck with Chow Tai Fook's one-of-a-kind necklace, perhaps you might be more successful with this one-of-a-kind sparkler - the 12.03-carat Blue Moon Diamond, thought to be the world's most expensive and precious gemstone. We can see why - because with an estimated price of $55 million, this is no ordinary stone. In fact, it's the world's largest blue diamond, cushion-shaped and cut and polished to perfection - a process that took almost half a year to accomplish. If you'd like to see this on a loved one's finger or shimmering around their neck, you'll have to be at a very exclusive auction in Geneva come November, with a lot of money in hand. Get that paddle ready, because this auction is set to be a hotly contested one!

Blue Moon Diamond

The most expensive perfume in the world

Finally, if you'd prefer to stay away from jewellery, perhaps fragrance might be more appropriate. But not just any old perfume or eau de toilette - instead, we're talking about the most expensive fragrance in the world - The Royalé Dream, the culmination of an extraordinary partnership between a leading diamond corporation and a top perfumery. Selling for $140,000 and having made its debut at the recent Singapore Grand Prix, The Royalé Dream was up for bidding at a silent auction, attended by some of the world's biggest celebrity VIP guests. We don't know who walked off with one of the three diamond-encrusted bottles, encased in a lambskin-lined ostrich egg, plated with palladium and fitted with a lambskin pillow and blue diamond ring, but we do know that they're likely to get brownie points for the rest of their lives! And so could you, should you be able to track one of them down for your own lady love. Good luck, and happy holidays!

The Royale Dream

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Turn This Christmas Into A Million-Dollar One For Your Special Lady

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