Shop Till You Drop In The USA's Most Expensive Stores

Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue, Las Vegas Boulevard - there's a world of shopping out there and we can't wait to walk every inch of it! Although, taking a closer look at the stores on each of these famous shopping streets, it looks like we're going to need a little more than our monthly salary to get by. That's because when you're browsing the most expensive stores in the US, you're going to need every penny of your lotto jackpot to pay the bill - with enough left over to buy a cappuccino afterwards of course!

Oscar De La Renta, New York City

Widely known as the USA's most expensive store by far, Oscar de la Renta is one of the globe's most recognised fashion brands, designing some of the most sought-after gowns and eveningwear in the world. You won't leave this haven of elegance without spending at least $3,267 on average, if the statistics are to be believed that is - and if you decide to purchase a cocktail dress, get ready to part with at least $10,000 of your hard-earned jackpot money. We hope there's at least one free glass of champagne thrown in along with that!

Oscar De La Renta

Georgio Armani, New York City

How wonderful would it be to finally own a piece of Armani designer clothing, rather than drooling over it in magazines? Well, if you've got the $2,881 you'll need for an average transaction, you can shop your little heart out in Armani's New York City branch - although you may change your mind about buying a dress when you see what a hot ticket item their bags are. And of course as everyone knows, you can never have too many bags - or too many shoes either.

Georgio Armani New York City

Chanel, New York City

Some things never go out of style - which is why Chanel is still one of the world's premier fashion labels, so many years after it was first brought to life by owner Coco Chanel. Today the fashion house sells rather more than its iconic timeless suit - it produces a wide range of quality accessories, fragrances and makeup too, making an average customer spend of $2,115 is perfectly understandable. It's Chanel darling - Chanel!

Chanel New York

Alexander McQueen, New York City

If it's good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it's good enough for us! We're talking about Alexander McQueen, of course, one of the UK's leading design houses, and an international fashion sensation. You may not find Kate Middleton's wedding dress in their NYC store, but what you will find is a range of men's and women's pieces crafted in the most meticulous, fashion-forward style. You'd better make sure you've got enough room on your credit card - because you're going to need it!

Alexander McQueen New York City

If you're a fashionista and you've got money to burn, it looks like New York City is the place to see and be seen - but only after buying your lottery ticket first. As beautifully crafted and elegantly designed as it is, haute couture doesn't come cheap - so make sure you get the right winning number combination to ensure you a win worthy of the world's most expensive international fashion! Play all the best lottos on Giant.

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