The weird and wonderful world of lottery winners and their stories is a subject that never ceases to fascinate us. From lottery winners who show up to collect their winnings in masks, to winners who owe their fortune to lucky numbers from a dream, to players who use the death of a monk to help them choose their winning numbers, there's always an extraordinary story to be found of how lottery players either beat the odds to win a jackpot, or survive the odds to keep it.

Yesterday we brought you some of our favourite wacky lottery stories, and today we're continuing that same trend - because we just can't get enough! You'll see what we mean when we introduce you to:

The dreaming lottery winner


It was a surprise the first time we ever read about it, but apparently it seems to be a fairly regular occurrence - lottery players dream of a winning combination, then write it down and play it in their next lottery draw. Sometimes they win right away, sometimes their jackpots take years to materialise, but dreaming of lucky numbers seems to be a common lottery technique. What's not so common, however, is dreaming of a set of lottery numbers and then playing and winning with them twice in the same week!

That's exactly what happened to Mary Wollens, an 86-year-old retiree from Toronto in Canada. A few days before the Ontario Lottery draw, Mary had a prophetic dream about "a lotto ticket and a large cheque". Her vivid dream filled her with such confidence in her winning chances that she went out and bought not one, but two tickets for the same draw. Some people might think her crazy, but Mary had the last laugh when her dream came true in the form of a $24 million jackpot! And while one other player had also struck it lucky, thanks to her foresight Mary was able to claim a double share of the total prize pool with her two tickets, giving her a massive $16 million jackpot share! Please excuse us while we go off to dreamland now...

The so-close-yet-so-far lottery winner

This isn't a particularly fun story, but it does provoke a strong reaction in us - that reaction being "Nooooo!". That's because shortly after winning $73,450 in a US TV lottery game, Carl Atwood of Indiana was fatally knocked down by a truck, ironically just around the corner from the grocery store that had sold him his winning ticket. The fatality was declared an accident by officials, due to the fact that the intersection was dimly lit, and Atwood was dressed in dark clothing, making him difficult to see.

The dancing lottery winners

tony dodd

We've heard of lottery winners splashing out on some fairly odd purchases after winning millions (breast implants anyone?) but Tony and Greta Dodd are in a league of their own! After winning £2.4 million in the UK Lotto, and buying all the usual luxury items like a car, home and fine jewellery, the Dodds used some of their remaining winnings to pay for operations on their debilitating knee conditions. Forty thousand pounds later and the Dodds were finally able to hit the dance floor after a prolonged medical absence and indulge in their favourite hobby - ballroom dancing. We give that story a 10!

The lottery world is full of fabulous, crazy stories like these, and we'd love for you to be able to add your own wacky tale to the collection. One ticket from is all it takes, and the next weird and wonderful lottery-winning story we read could be yours!


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