The Hunt Is On For The $533 Million Mega Millions Winner

Revised from an earlier $521 million, the hunt continues for the winner of the largest ever jackpot to come out of New Jersey; a whopping $533 million.

Somewhere out there is the lucky holder of the winning ticket for the fourth largest ever Mega Millions jackpot, and they might not even know that they've won! The ticket was sold at a convenience store in New Jersey, but lottery officials in the area have yet to identify the winner.

Based on the time and date provided by lottery officials, workers at the convenience store have been able to determine that the winning ticket was bought by a regular customer and that the customer is male. They have declined to give any further comments.

The owner of the convenience store will receive a $30,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket, and if the winner chooses to be paid out in cash they will receive a little more than $324 million.

Speaking to the local news the owner of the convenience store said, “I know them, and they are one of our regulars, which is great. That’s what we were hoping for. Although we have hundreds, maybe thousands of customers, we know the majority of them by face, by name."

This jackpot is the tenth largest in history, the fourth largest Mega Millions jackpot and the largest jackpot ever won in New Jersey.

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