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04 February 2015


What says status to you? If you won the lottery, what would you buy to show everyone you'd moved up in the world? A mansion or a castle perhaps? A hard-to-find vintage car or a showstopping luxury vehicle? Perhaps even designer clothing or deluxe accessories like a one-of-a-kind Rolex or a diamond-encrusted smartphone?

We've all heard of big shiny toys and extravagant purchases like these, and chances are if we won the lottery, almost all of them would be on our "must buy" list. But do these expensive acquisitions really say "status"? And what do the truly rich and famous consider to be the ultimate symbol of wealth and power?

Believe it or not, the most sought-after item in the world of the filthy rich is one of the smallest as well. And unless you're a member of the elite, you may not even know it exists. Drum roll please - it's the credit card. But not your bog-standard Visa or MasterCard. Rather a credit card owned by only the most exclusive, the most wealthy and the most discerning of all consumers - the ultra-rich.

Some of these credit cards you won't even have heard of - and that's the point. The less people know about a prestigious credit card, the more desired it becomes, and the more it becomes the ultimate symbol of status and wealth. Case in point:

The Barclays Visa Black Card

black card

Ok, so you may have already heard of the Black Card. It's the one that gets flashed around the most at clubs, usually by rappers buying cases of Cristal. Made out of stainless steel, it's effortlessly cool, and with a fee of $500 a year, it's fabulously exclusive as well. Which you'll find out if you can prove that your income is in the top 1% of the entire world. If not, it's plain old plastic for you.

Merrill Accolades American Express Card

merrill accolades

Want to walk straight into airport VIP areas? Get your hands on some impossible sporting event tickets? Beat the queues at the hottest restaurants? Then a Merrill Accolades American Express Card is what you need - as well as an annual income of over $200,000. Win the lottery and you too could be joining this elite club, for the knock-down price of just $300 a year.

Coutts World Silk Card

coutts world silk card

If you want to be royal as well as rich, you'll need a Coutts World Silk Card - the same credit card owned by the Queen of England, and one of the most exclusive in the world. Of course, you'll also need at least $1 million in your bank account each month - but then again if you hit the big one and win a multi-million dollar jackpot, that won't be a problem.

Stainless steel, palladium, even diamonds - the world's most sought-after credit cards are made from the world's most valued materials. But in order to slip one into your wallet, along with the stratospheric perk of NO credit card limit, you'll need to have the funds to back up your application. Luckily, there's a way for you to strike it rich and start playing in the big leagues - by playing the lottery online with us first! Just buy your ticket from today and get ready to swipe your ultra-fabulous card, and claim the many rewards that come along with it!




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