The Weird And Wonderful World Of The Wealthy

There's a fine line between being mad and being eccentric - and usually that line has a lot of zeroes attached. If you have enough money, you have the luxury of being thought of as idiosyncratic, rather than downright mental, which is why so many of the upper classes are able to indulge their most 'out there' whims, and have every one of them catered to, no questions asked. Whereas we'd probably be sectioned if we tried anything even slightly unusual.

Take this most recent story from China, for example. If we called up a hotel and said 'Hi there, can we please reserve an entire swimming pool for our pet sea lion's birthday, as well as gourmet snacks for him too', we'd probably get laughed out of town. Or hung up on. Or both.

A surprise party with a difference

However, that's not what happened to the son of Chinese multi-billionaire, Wang Jianli. When Junior made the same off-the-wall reservations at the Ocean Spring Hotel resort, all his requests were immediately taken care of, no hanging up or wisecracks in sight. It's a very different world you live in when Daddy has $13 billion in the bank.

If you were a guest at the Ocean Spring Hotel recently, you may have been slightly annoyed at being turned away from the pool area. And if you'd known why, you would have been even more annoyed - because as a special birthday treat for his sea lion (sea lion, really?), billionaire Wang Jianli's son reserved an entire swimming pool as a surprise play area for his exotic pet, and arranged for gourmet treats to be served up by a personal chef. Now that's five-star service most humans would give their eye teeth for - so we're sure the sea lion was blown away. Or maybe not so much, because it's a sea lion. It just makes you wonder, what will the rich and famous think of next?

wang jianli sealion 2

The next generation of billionaires

We're not sure what's going on in the minds of the world's wealthy, but in China, there's a lot going on in the minds of upwardly mobile moms and dads - at least where their children are concerned. That's because a small group of Chinese children have recently been receiving a special kind of education - into how to become rich and successful adults.

Thanks to a special offer from the Heming Island Resort and Spa in the Guandong Province, families are taking their children to the elite holiday location in order to show them just how luxuriously the other half lives - and to inspire them to work hard so that they one day can do the same. A special guided tour of opulent villas and hotel accommodation? It sure puts our field trip to the button factory to shame.

We're not sure if we'd want to be thought of as weird or eccentric, but having the luxury of our every whim catered to, no matter how big or small - now that's something we could get used to. And we don't even have to tour any extravagant villas either - all we need is one winning lotto ticket, and we'll be in the elite club! So we can order bottles of champagne from room service at 2am, and the concierge won't even bat an eyelid. That's the dream!

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