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What Is A Lottery Syndicate?


A lottery syndicate is a group of players who purchase lottery tickets together and share in the prize winnings in proportion to the contribution of each participant. Traditionally, lottery syndicates consist of a group of friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors.

Lottery syndicates also improve your chances at winning a prize while still paying less for tickets than you would if you played the lotto individually. All syndicate players pool money and tickets into a single draw, meaning you get more tickets to play in s single draw for less money!



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Biggest Ever Lottery Syndicate Wins


Three Amingos Win

This lottery syndicate not only won millions of dollars, but also set the world record for the largest ever Mega Millions jackpot win. Not much information is out there about this small syndicate of teachers from Maryland other than they bought 60 Mega Millions tickets in 2012 with each syndicate member paying $20 toward ticket costs. 

The jackpot for their Mega Million win $656 million, which was split between three winner's circles meaning the Three Amigos lottery syndicate took home an incredible $218 million!

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Oceans 16 Lottery Syndicate

This lottery syndicate was made up of workers from the New Jersey Ocean County Department of Vehicles Services who regularly player the US Powerball lottery. The syndicate had their life-changing win in a August 2013 Powerball draw, netting the syndicate an impressive $139 million!

The syndicate opted for a lump-sum payment, which was split between the 16 members of the syndicate rewarding them each with a nice $3.8 million!

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Lucky Irish Dublin Syndicate

This lucky Irish lottery syndicate from Dublin chose to stay anonymous after their big win, so there's not much known about them other than after September 2014 they were all EuroMillions multi-millionaires!

All we know about their win was that it was thanks to a €6 Quick Pick ticket sold in Dublin, and that the syndicate netted an impressive €86 million win.

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UK Bus Driver's Lotto Syndicate

12 bus drivers from Corby all got to retire early after a £38 million EuroMillions win in September 2014. 

The syndicate has since tried to remain out of the public eye since their win, with many of them leaving Corby and some of them even emigrating from the United Kingdom. After the jackpot was split among the members each of them got £3.1 million.

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British Tesco Syndicate

15 female members from a Tesco lottery syndicate struck it lucky in 2014 with a whopping million Pound win in 2014. The syndicate decided to buy bulk UK National Lottery tickets after one of their members visited a physic who told her that she had a large sum of money coming her way.

The syndicate went on to win a £3.6 million jackpot, with each member netting £245,996. Not quite enough to retire but some members did mange to pay off their debts and mortgages.


Improve Your Winning Chances With Lottery Syndicates  

Your chances of winning the lottery and the share of each participant depends on the budget of the lottery syndicate. Traditional lottery syndicates can buy an unlimited number of lottery tickets to participate in at one time: for each additional ticket purchase, your chances to win the jackpot increase. For example, if a syndicate of 10 participants buy 50 lottery tickets, each participant is effectively paying for 5 tickets each, and if one of the tickets wins $ 1 million dollars, each participant receives a $200,000 USD. If you win on multiple lottery tickets, the total winnings in a lottery syndicate is divided between the parties in proportion to the contribution of each.

Are you having trouble rounding up friends and family to create your own jackpot-winning lottery syndicate? Don't worry, at you can join one of our syndicates and play one of the world's favorite lotteries anytime. Moreover, you can set your own budget!

Giant Lottos gives our players the opportunity the participate in lottery syndicates for some of the world's biggest lotteries such as the USA Powerball, EuroMillions and Mega Millions. 

HOW TO JOIN A LOTTERY SYNDICATE WITH GIANT LOTTOS's syndicates increases your chances of winning the lottery whilst allowing you to play on a smaller budget. Our lottery syndicates are made up of between 30 to 50 lottery tickets for each of the world's most popular lotteries. Each ticket is divided into 10 parts, known as shares. A complete lottery syndicate is thus made up of between 300 to 500 shares.


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In the case of a 500 share syndicate, players are able to purchase between 2 (minimum) and 500 shares at one time. The maximum number of participants per syndicate is therefore 250 (2 shares minimum). The numbers selected for each of the tickets that make up a syndicate are selected at random using our quick pick system. Still not sure that playing in a lotto syndicate is for you? It's also worth keeping in mind that in the UK one in every three jackpot wins are won by a lottery syndicate.

After purchasing shares in a lottery syndicate, sends you confirmation of the syndicate that you are entered into. In your Transaction History you can then check all lottery numbers across the tickets that make up the syndicate are included. To view your syndicate's numbers, you will need to click on the "Syndicates" tab on the Transaction History page. From here you can either download a PDF of your syndicate's lotto numbers or view them on the page by clicking on the syndicate's order number.

If you win one or more lottery tickets in your syndicate, you receive a the winnings into your account proportionate to the amount of shares purchased in the syndicate. For example, if you purchased 2 shares (of the 500 shares that make up a syndicate) and the lottery syndicate wins £5 million, your portion of the winnings will be £20 000. currently allows players to enter into syndicates for the following international lotteries: USA Powerball, USA MegaMillions and EuroMillions.

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