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19 November 2015

Flash Your Lotto Cash With The Best In US Real Estate

Thinking of buying some property in the US? You'll need to decide how much you're willing to spend first though - because if the multi-million purchases by some of the world's wealthiest are anything to go by, you'll need to have a lottery win by your side, and then some!


Yuri Milner - $100 million

Yuri Milner 100 million USD Silicon Valley property

If you're a Russian billionaire like Yuri Milner, you think nothing of dropping a cool $100 million on a Silicon Valley property - a transaction that in fact broke records when it went through in 2011. That's because this sought-after property is no ordinary single-family home - instead it's a French-chateau style mansion, spanning a massive 11 acres along California's Los Altos Hills, and boasting breathtaking views of the famed San Francisco Bay.


Dmitri Rybolovlev - $95 million

Dmitry Rybolovlev 95 million palm beach mansion

Want to purchase a piece of property previously owned by Donald Trump? You'll have to negotiate with another Russian billionaire - this time, Dmitri Rybolovlev, who purchased Trump's 33,000 square foot Palm Beach estate for $95 million back in 2008. Given that Trump originally purchased the property four years previously for $41.4 million, it seems as if the real estate magnate made out like a bandit on the deal. We expect nothing less!


Dwight Schar - $70 million

dwight schar palm beach home

Staying with Palm Beach but this time giving it a Hollywood twist, in 2004 NVR Inc. CEO Dwight Schar purchased a gem of a property from billionaire Ron Perelman and his then wife, famed actress Ellen Barkin. With 26,000 square feet to call his own, it's no wonder the estate cost Schar a massive $70 million - although considering its 7 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, movie theatre, oversized pool, spa and gym, it more than lives up to its selling price.


Tommy Mottola - $47 million

tommy mottola crystal ranch

If the name Tommy Mottola sounds familiar but you're not sure why, it's because this veteran music executive holds the prestigious title of being Mariah Carey's first husband. Whether you were aware of that piece of trivia or not, you probably weren't aware that in 2006, Mottola put his millions to good use and spent 47 of them on the Crystal Island Ranch - an expansive 949-acre property near Aspen, Colorado. Buying a ranch might seem like a rustic purchase to you, but with a 12,000-foot main house, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a guesthouse, we can assure you it's anything but!


Roland Arnall - $46 million

roland arnall mandalay ranch 46 mil

It seems the media industry's the place to be if you want to make a killing on prime US real estate - that is, if Roland Arnall's property purchase is anything to go by. This mortgage executive managed to snag himself the 650-acre Mandalay Ranch from Mandalay Entertainment Chairman and CEO, Peter Guber, for the princely sum of $46 million back in 2004. We don't know what Guber originally paid for it, but with a 15,000-square foot home, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and an excess of ponds and wildflowers to recommend it, we're sure the Mandalay Ranch made its original owner a substantial return on his investment! 


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