Giant Lottos $50,000 Powerball Syndicate Winners Reveal How They Won Big

As you know, we love bringing you updates on lotto winners - so as soon as our winners started speaking out about their amazing good luck, we just knew we had to share their stories of joy, shock and disbelief with you immediately!

For some of our winners, the jackpot money couldn't have come at a better time.

Here's what Rafiek W. from South Africa has to say:

"It was such a fantastic Sunday morning for me to open up my email and discover that I was part of the syndicate that won.

Being unemployed for the last 6 months was stressful for me, so this win has really brought some relief to me and my family.

The best part of playing with is knowing that your winnings are transferred directly into your bank account within 48 hours.

Thank you for the excellent service! My winnings will most certainly help me to survive until I find employment again."

Aleksandr G. from Izhevsk, Russia

"Thank you so much to for such good news! It's just in time too – the economy is a bit tough in Russia at the moment!

This lottery win will help me to organise a New Year's Eve celebration for my grandkids. This morning I didn’t know where to find money for this event, and now I do!"

Other winners were appreciative of their lotto experience overall:

Petko K. from Bulgaria

" gives me such fantastic service, whether in terms of quick withdrawals, easy payments, and the chance to play with a syndicate and spend a little in order to win a lot.

The feeling of winning a prize in the Powerball with a syndicate group is awesome and it's hard to explain.

It might be better to win a prize individually, but the chances are so much lower than when you play with a group.

The money I've won will now allow me to invest funds in a website project I'm working on. Thank you!"

Petko K from Bulgaria - USA Powerball syndicate winner

Tyrone V. from UK

"I think your service is great - you give feedback in time and you treat me as a winner even though I may not have won - until now that is!

I was so shocked when I saw I had won something, it was such a blessing. It may not be much, but it means I can buy something for my children. I didn't expect it and so I'm very grateful!"

Noura J., Saudi Arabia

"I really love the service and I'm planning to play more and aim for the jackpot.

This money I'll spend on myself though - I was so excited to find out I'd won!"

Many of our winners were also glad of the opportunity to play overseas lotteries online:

Anna P. from Khabarovsk, Russia

"I'm so very grateful for the opportunity has given me to play and win in foreign lotteries!

I'm really pleased to have won this cash prize too. It was very unexpected and a huge surprise - and I already know how I'm going to spend the money!"

Daniel D. from Romania

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in large lottery games!"

Daniel D. from Romania - USA Powerball syndicate winner at GiantLottos

Francois N., South Africa

"Many thanks to for providing the opportunity to non-Europeans/non-Americans like myself to partake in these huge jackpots.

I am looking forward to spoiling "my girls" (wife and two young daughters) with this windfall.

Nothing beats the excitement of having additional funds to dispose of whichever way you choose. Thumbs up to!"

Francois N. from SA - Powerball syndicate winner

And last but not least, some of our players even chose to pay their good fortune forward:

Krzysztof R., Poland

"Thank you so much for this money! I would like to give 25% of my winnings back to!"

Thank you Krzysztof - we'll be donating your very generous contribution to the Movember Foundation on your behalf!

We can't help but be swept up in the excitement our winners are experiencing - and it's a feeling we want you to enjoy too!

The weekend draws will be upon us in a matter of hours, so if you want the chance to be the our next winner, you know what you have to do!

Simply buy your lottery tickets online as an individual or part of a syndicate, choose your lucky numbers, and get ready to find out what being a GiantLottos winner feels like!

Looking for even more tips on winning the lottery? Visit our comprehensive lotto winning tips page right here and start winning big!

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