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26 May 2015


We don't know about you, but we were glued to our lottery notifications this weekend, checking and re-checking to make sure that we were on top of the latest lotto results. Because with $332 million to play for in the US lotteries, and over £30 million up for grabs in the UK and Europe, we weren't leaving anything to chance!

Multi-million lotto results from the US Powerball and Mega Millions

Let's start Stateside - with your Powerball and Mega Millions results. Mega Millions by name and Mega Millions by nature - because with a massive $194 million in the pot, mega is the only word we can think of to describe this massive lottery prize! Millions of US and international players flocked to lottery retailers, both on land and online in order to buy their lotto tickets - but when it came to crunch time, the giant jackpot left everyone going begging. That's right - the past weekend's Mega Millions jackpot went to a rollover yet again - pushing the jackpot for this Tuesday up to a whopping $214 million! So if you left empty-handed on Friday, that's all the more reason to purchase your ticket for Tuesday's draw. Lotto results with a rollover always mean a bigger jackpot next time round - and a prize of $214 million could see you with enough lotto loot to make your wildest dreams of luxury come true!

USA MegaMillions ticket

You'd be forgiven for thinking you were suffering from a mild case of déjà vu on Saturday night - as the $138 million Powerball jackpot went for a rollover too. But again, there's no reason to be dismayed - not with an even bigger prize of $154 million waiting for you on Wednesday night. One ticket from is all it takes, and you could be in the money with millions in lotto winnings to your name!

On a roll - a look at the EuroMillions and UK National Lottery results

Different continent, same results - because over in the EuroMillions and UK National Lottery, things looked much the same for lottery fans, despite there being a collective total of over £30 million available for winning. First up was the EuroMillions on Friday, with an estimated £22 million up for grabs. Sadly the jackpot managed to elude the millions of eager players, going to a rollover instead. But that doesn't mean you should be despondent about the lotto results - instead, why not celebrate the fact that now you'll be playing for an even bigger £26 million on Tuesday night, a full £4 million more than before. Just think about how many extra Ferraris you could buy with that!

Similarly, Saturday night's UK Lotto £10.4 million prize also went to a rollover - and since that makes Wednesday night's jackpot of £13.1 million a quadruple rollover, it also makes it a guaranteed prize, according to UK Lotto rules. Meaning that whether or not someone manages to claim the jackpot all for themselves, the top prize must be won, and will be shared between winners on lower tiers, if necessary. So if you don't buy tickets for the UK Lotto on Wednesday evening, you'll be missing out on the chance to win that guaranteed £13.1 million prize!

Got your lottery tickets from yet? You don't have much time! The mid-week lottery draws are taking place soon, and if you want to share in all the good fortune of the lotto results, you'll need to get your tickets before time runs out! Buy your lottery tickets online from today and make sure you're in with a chance to reap the multi-million benefits of the upcoming lotto results!

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