Shop Til You Drop At The Most Expensive Stores In The USA + Competition Winner Announced

How fantastic would it be to walk into a clothing store and simply buy whatever you liked - no checking of price tags and creative budgeting needed? Even better, how fabulous would it be to walk into a designer store, load up on as many handbags, shoes and gorgeous clothing creations as you could, then just hand over your credit card and strut away? Now that's what we call a shopping spree!

Of course as much as we'd love for that dream to be a reality, the fact is that most of us can barely afford to splash out on one or two new items a month, let alone an entire wardrobe without severely bankrupting ourselves. Which is where comes in, and the range of huge international lottery jackpots on offer. Just winning one lotto prize could help make the fantasy of designer shopping come true - and not just in any store, but in some of the most expensive retail destinations in the USA, such as:

Oscar De la Renta

Go big or go home! If you want to go on the shopping spree of a lifetime, start your retail therapy adventures at Oscar de la Renta, the most expensive store in the United States and home to exquisite designer evening wear. If you've got $3,267 lying around the house, you could just about afford the average spend of one visit - however with a lottery jackpot by your side, you'll be able to splurge on all the cocktail dresses and ballgowns your heart desires!

Giorgio Armani

When you're done at de la Renta, why not move over to Armani, yet another instantly recognisable designer label, and one just as fabulously extravagant. An average spend of $2,881 will get you through the door - and once you're inside, you'll have a spectacular range of clothing and accessories to choose from. Thanks to your lottery jackpot, there won't be much at Armani you can't afford. In fact, why not go wild and buy the whole store while you're at it?


If you know fabrics then you know Akris - the designer fashion label dedicated to decorating women in the most lavish way possible. Originally known for its polka-dotted aprons when the brand was first created in 1922, today Akris is recognised the world over for its love of extravagant fabrics - and for an average spend of $2,649, it's a love that you too can afford to share in.


Candles, perfumes, leather handbags, hand-bound books and more - if your passion for accessories runs as deep as your passion for fashion, then Maxfield is a must-visit for you and your lottery jackpot. Spend a day browsing through the vintage pieces and top brands on offer, and you're sure to end up spending more than the average of $2,258 - but with so many delights on offer, who could blame you?

Got your shopping bags and your passport ready? You'll need your lotto jackpot first - which will be only too happy to supply! Simply buy your lottery tickets online in time for your favourite draw, choose your top lucky number combination, and you could soon be shopping your way through the world's most fabulous designer labels!

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