It's a known fact that the number one most popular purchase amongst lottery winners is a new home. Whether it's the EuroMillions or the UK Lotto, the Mega Millions or the Powerball, if there's a player who's just hit the jackpot you can be sure that the first thing on their "must buy" list is a new roof over their heads.

Of course, when you have seven, eight or nine zeros in your bank account, that roof looks a little different to the one you or I might buy with our aggressively average salaries. Whereas our roofs might be tiles, thatch or corrugated iron, these are roofs to chateaus, mansions, villas, island getaways and other fabulous homes that make us want to weep with envy.

Sometimes, however, it's not just the roof of a new lottery millionaire's home that's so impressive - it's what's inside it too. Lottery winners will go to any lengths to make their homes the dream of luxury they've always wanted to live, and sometimes that can result in some fairly irregular and unconventional purchases. If you've always wanted a fireman's pole in your home, now you can rush out and get one. Or an indoor racing track? Go ahead and fit that sucker right in. If you're rich enough (which you will be after winning the lottery) you can turn your house into a veritable playland, with features like:

A home cinema

Why wait in queues for hours only to find out the movie you want to see is sold out? Just build your own cinema at home, staff it with an obliging usher, and watch what you want to watch every night of the week! You won't have to pay ridiculous prices for concession snacks either - because at your own private cinema, popcorn, drinks and candy come with the price of admission, which is a big fat zero!

home cinema

An aquarium room

Remember the tank of guppies and goldfish you had as a child? Times that by about a hundred, and you'll have an aquarium room - wall-to-wall tanks of exotic fish, plant life and plastic castles. Whether you want to relax in your very own aquarium or charge the neighbourhood children to come in for a tour (savvy business planning) you'll have the perfect spot to look for Nemo as long as you like.


A water slide

What's better than a staircase? An indoor water slide of course! Now getting between floors in your mansion has never been more exciting - simply jump on and slide down for non-stop aqua excitement. Just remember to keep a swimming costume on at all times, or your housekeeper could be doing a lot of laundry.

water slide

An indoor rock climbing wall

If you have an indoor water slide to go down a floor, you'll need to come back up again - so why not install an indoor rock climbing wall for that very purpose? Stairs are so last year; instead hitch a line to a karabiner and get a rush of adrenaline every time you go to the first floor. Plus it won't just be thrilling, it'll be great exercise too. Talk about a win-win!

climbing wall

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