“I Won A Lot Of Lotteries”, Says The Richest Man Alive

Currently worth $116 billion, Jeff Bezos says he wouldn’t be where he is today if he had not ‘won a lot of lotteries’. While he acknowledges that it took a great deal of hard work and ingenuity to amass his fortune there was also another very important ingredient: luck.

While speaking at the Bush Centre during an event about leadership he said that, “I feel very strongly that I’ve won a lot of lotteries. Amazon is one of those lotteries.”

He also went on to say that he was fortunate enough to have a great support system while growing up, getting his business off the ground and finally while earning his billionaire status.

“I had another big lottery win with my parents.”

Outside of having a strong support system that allowed him to succeed, Bezos also acknowledges that having financial security allowed him to take the necessary risks and cushion the failures that were involved in growing Amazon.

In a nutshell what this means is that a small amount of financial freedom can let you focus on the things that could grow your personal wealth or business.

Let’s go back to winning the lottery; and we’re not talking about having a familial support system, but rather about winning the literal lottery.

Playing the lottery doesn’t always mean you need to play to win the jackpot; just like Jeff Beozs started out by ‘winning the lottery’ with having a small, strong support system; you can also ‘win the lottery’ by securing lower-tier, better odds prizes. These smaller prizes could give you the financial freedom to pay off debts, take some time off work or reinvest into playing the lottery again.

Instead of hoping to win the jackpot you could focus on the smaller prizes, which have much better chances of winning. You could focus on playing lotteries with better odds, instead of simply looking at the worth of the jackpot. Below are some lotteries you can play right now with good odds of winning a prize:

But getting ahead in life is also about taking the risk and shooting for the moon. After all, multi-million jackpots are won everyday, and why shouldn’t the next jackpot go to you? It is estimated that around half of all lottery jackpot winners are first-time or not regular lotto players, so there is no reason you shouldn’t win the jackpot as a first time lotto player! Below are some lotteries that have the biggest jackpots in the world and are now available to play at Giant Lottos:

While every lottery player has their eyes on the jackpot whenever they buy their tickets, winning a lottery prize is about so much more. It’s not just the mansions, fancy cars and exotic holidays; it’s about financial security and being free from the stresses of everyday life. It’s about never having to worry about debts, accounts or bonds ever again. It’s about having the freedom to follow your dreams.

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